Scenes From A Memory

I actually think that Scenes is DT's weakest and worst release. It's hard to explain, but I did find it too long and convoluted with solos and stuff. I much prefer Falling Into Infinity. That one's underrated if you ask me.

Plus, if I hear the word Victoria one more time I will burst. Listen to the album as long as I have. It will chew your brain out.
The only phrase that makes me think of Dream Theater is 'Wow, how do a band with such instrumental prowess manage to sound so gay (lacking a better word)?!'
Ive always liked the song Home scenes from a memory- unfortunately the rest of the album contains tooo much wankery for my taste- and this is done while actually trying to write a actual cohesive album, with a story etc.
Oh, Home does own, doesn't it?

I like the three intro tracks as well, and Through Her Eyes is a great pop ballad. Other than that, I agree with speed.

However, I friggin' loved Six Degrees. That title track, although even more wankery-filled and meandering than Scenes, is still, somehow, amazing.