September 2013 Shows Postponed

Wow. This sucks. :(

I understand his reasoning though. Hope he finds what he's looking for and produces some awesome solo stuff!
It really is disappointing to see Ol leave, considering how fucking well he shreds, but if anything I actually feel curious/excited to see what Evile's gonna do now. What will Matt do now, since Ol's usually the one to handle a lot of the guitar parts? Or what will the new guitarist be like? And will he have a uniquely pointy guitar?
Good luck to Ol, if I had been younger when this happened I wouldn't understand why he did it, but now that sustaining a home is my priority I definitely understand how he must feel.

Will Evile find a replacement? Quit completely? Change name? It's going to be hard to watch a concert without someone doing karate kicks on stage.
It's going to be completely different now I think. Ol is an integral part to the band's sound... and I mean that with the utmost respect to everybody, of course.

Very sad to see him go, but I don't blame him in the slightest.
Maybe we'll finally get an Emperor Pooarms solo album in a couple of years hahaha

We can only dream. :lol:

This news makes the two times I saw them in 2010 that much better, since they have't been here since.

RIP Evile (as we currently know it)
Oh man... I'm not very happy about this but all I really can say is that I have heaps of respect for Ol for taking the tough decision to leave the band and wish him the best of luck.

In a semi-related note I'll take the time to say that it's been really good to be a fan of this band and I definitely hope this is not the last we hear of Evile.
I don't blame Ol at all for his decision. Gonna miss him and his ripping, balls-out, flesh-searing solos. Hopefully both parties will be able to carry on...

Long live Thrash and Evile.
Unfortunate for us fans but as already said thousands of times; understandable. Maybe Ol can still write music for Evile but just have a replacement to tour with them? I dunno, might be a fucking stupid idea lol.

Wish I had the chance to see him perform with Evile live. Ah well, shit happens
Wish I had the chance to see him perform with Evile live. Ah well, shit happens

Indeed. 2006 Strapping Young Lad was performing live here in Finland at ProvinssiRock, we didn't go and it wasn't long after that when Dev announced game over. Luckily saw Evile live twice last year, once here in our hometown and second time we went to London. Worth every penny spent and now even more so.