Seymour Duncan - Blackouts Modular Preamp


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Mar 7, 2009
Along with Seymour Duncan going solderless, they are offering a new Blackouts Modular Preamp to use with any Passive pickup to give it that modern, active sound.

See story here.

The genre-defining crunch and wail of heavy rock guitar often comes from active guitar pickups, which have a built-in, battery-powered preamp epoxy-sealed into a stark black casing. It’s a distinctly modern sound married to a patently modern look.
Now for the first time, guitarists can get the power of active pickups with the look of classic passive pickups.
Seymour Duncan, building on the huge success of Blackouts active pickups, announces Blackouts Modular Preamp, which can make any passive pickup with four-conductor cable an active pickup. The Blackouts Modular Preamp is the same balanced differential preamp that delivers the award-winning, low-noise tone of Blackouts pickups, but removed from the pickup housing and in

For the award-winning tone of Original Blackouts, Seymour Duncan has designed Blackouts Coil Pack pickups, passive humbuckers specially voiced to deliver true Blackouts sound. Coil Pack pickups are available separately as single neck or bridge replacement pickups or as part of a complete two-humbucker Blackouts Modular Preamp set.


I'd be interested in seeing how this works. Imagine the combinations you could come up with :)
Interesting... [ame][/ame]

I just changed from the JB/Jazz config to the Dave Mustaine Livewires on my Carvin and I like it.
I don't quite understand it :/ I have a schecter 7 string and i bought 1 seymour duncan blackout for the bridge, and haven't been able to use my passive neck pup no more since then, just because its too awkward to wire active and passive pups together. Would this new thing let me turn my passive neck pup into an active one?!
That vid is terrible.

"You mean I can that BLACKOUT sound in any pickup!?!?!?"

"That's right, and if you act fast, we'll double your order!"