Simen Hestnaes


Jul 1, 2001
ok, this doesn't have anything to do with Opeth, really, but I figure that a lot of the people on this board listen to Arcturus and/or Borknagar and/or Dimmu Borgir.

now, I.C.S. Vortex is really Simen Hestnaes, and he does some vocals on the new Dimmu Borgir. I know he also does vocals on Archaic Course and Quintessence by Borknagar. But how does he fit in with Arcturus? I heard he did vocals on "The Chaos Path" but otherwise I hear that someone named Garm does/did Arcturus vocals, yet it sounds like Hestnaes.

Can anyone help?
Haestnes did vocals on both quintessence and the archaic course by borknagar. He did the leading vocals on 'The Chaos Path' and backing vocals on some other tracks on 'La Masquerade Infernale' but that's all. Arcturus' lead singer is otherwise Garm aka Trickster G aka Fiery G. Malestrom etc, who did the vocals on borknagar's first two albums 'borknagar' and 'the olden domain'. Garm is also Ulver's vocalist and probably appears in a whole lot of other projects too.
yeah, that pretty much covers it. simen is a great vocalist. his vox on the chaos path (arcturus) are so fuckin cool. i love that song. he did backin on master of disguise and painting my horror. garm is also an amazing vocalist. you should check out his band ulver. also the first two borknagar albums are really good. garms work with artcturus is some of my favorite music ever set to tape. his style is kinda similar to simen, but usually lower and more chanting....i think garm is the better vocalist. more original and i like garms harsh vox better.
I seem to find any project with Garm involved really appealing. The guy is a mastermind, obviously.

About La Masquerade Infernale, last weekend I was listening to it in my drunken slumber when I suddenly noticed that in one of the songs with ICS Vortex singing, he was singing from the left speaker and Garm from the right. I hadn't noticed that before. :eek: I think it sounded pretty cool, though I'll agree I find Garm's vocals better.
I'm more into Vortex. Though the Garm-and-the-others-scene is really not my piece of cake anyway. To quote myself : "Anything with Garm involved is usually so boring it makes me yawn."

Garm is a great singer but listening to his voice makes my throat hurt :) It's so...ermm...low. I imagine myself singing like that and think how it would feel...and then my throat feels funny. Eeew! :D

They're really talented and innovative musicans, Ulver, Arcturus, Borknagar and so on...I have nothing to actually say against them, but for me their songs would be better as lullabies.
I think Simen is an amazing vocalist (but so is Garm too, so why argue?). I specially loves his singing on The Archaic Course, the fourth track (The Black Token). You know the chorus where he sings "traveling aflame". That´s an amazing tone he picks there!
Yes, Garm & Simen have similar voices.
Do you know why Garm left Borknagar after The Olden Domain?
He was busy a lot with Arcturus(La masquerade) and Ulver.
And the thing is that Simen was introducing on chaos path, he has very weird voice, and that song made him 'famous' in metal scene. He was invited to Borknagar and he made Archaic Course helluva album.

Btw, Ulver's Perdition City is album of the year, right next to Blackwater Park and Last Fair Deal Gone Down.