So Far & Until website & EP launch. Ecclectic, groovy, Epic Modern Prog Metal


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Sep 9, 2014
Hi there Ultimate Metal users!

It is my pleasure today to present to you my band So Far & Until's new website and EP.

I want to start by saying that this project is %100 DIY. Phil, our bass player, was the one who did our design & artwork and I myself recorded, mixed and mastered the album as well as built this website.

We had our launch show this Saturday the 20th and it was a lot of fun! We were actually doing a dual album launch show with another local band named AEVA. The guys rocked the stage before us with songs from their album "Origins of Existence" in their Fusion/Metal vibe. Amazing musicians, the drummer, Martin Plante, unfortunately broke a few toes from his left foot the weekend before the show and to be honest, it didn't show for a second while he was killing it on the drums! You can stream their album for free here

It took us a long time to finally get to the point where we were ready to release this short album. The fact that we did it all by ourselves, but that we were still focusing on getting it all to sound and look professional did slow us down, but it has been a fantastic learning experience for us and will definitely help us get our content up and ready much faster in the future.

We are already planning to release a new single this Fall and will start working on that shortly.

In the meantime, please go give our website a look by clicking here and give our EP a listen.

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BandCamp and SoundCloud.

Any comments on the visual, audio, composition aspects would be greatly appreciated.

I'm new to this forum, but am already liking my stay here. Having access to some raw stems for mixing practice is really great! Thanks to you all!