So it begins...

a light touch, but enough to sear through breaking dawn and extingush another candle
would our diligence be for nothing? impending doom would bring us misery for a it not for men to decide

How'd I do?
'Twas spoken of an undying desire, impossible to quench, but the yearning has faltered, unfed and broken. An uncharted course, an unspoken bond, an eternal sorrow, and an unmarked grave that revealed itself only to me mark the fire-scarred landscape. In rapturous comfort, those unable to comprehend melt into the terrain, buried in ashes, the blood flow an unholy spectre upon the ambient realms dying at my hand.

NOTE: I picked up on what you were trying to do last night but it was 4 am and my brain wasn't working so I decided to put it off for awhile, and well...
Hell Yes! Now we're getting somewhere. That's pretty good if this stuff just came out without too much thought.

The little thing I wrote took me a few hours. I actually broke out the dictionary to find the right words I wanted to use. Every now and then I'll come up with a word or phrase that I like and I'll write it down for future use. I have a hard time coming up with alot all at once.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Thank you, winter-frost!
It's one of the poems I thought would interest the crew from here too...
OooOOoOOoohhh... that is good!
Awsome stuff, Johan.

Incidentally, I think the original point of this thread was to, between us, improvise a lengthy poem in the style of Opeth lyrics, each or us doing a couple sentences at a time or something. It could have been a fun little exercise.
The problem with trying to write "opeth style" poetry is that usually it just looks like a bunch of fancy words put together without any meaning behind it.

What has been written earlier on this thread is good, but not many can actually maintain that, IMO. And if you throw 20 styles together in one... "too many cooks spoil the broth."
I understand the urge, but I believe writing Opeth-style is best done by Opeth. You know what they say: Plagiarism is the most honest form of stealing. ;P
since seeing the post for the first time, it kind of grabbed me by the ass. but Johan and Protocol have valid points...
Not necessarily to copy Opeth, but just to do something in that vein. Maybe with a few guidelines, like the person who starts should hint at a point for conclusion or something (leaving the middle parts for people to fill out as they please) we could collectively come up with some pretty thought-inducing prose. Think of it as standing at the headwaters of a river... you know it eventually will get to the sea, but you don't know the journey it will make to get there.
I think it's a good idea and a possible creative outlet for some people who'd like to try their hands at expressing themselves.
So who wants to start?