So lets single out america shall we?

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Just thought i'd post this..... so the anti americans can shutup and face reality

To be honest, that's just the reality we all around the world have faced years ago - and fought against it. You Americans, instead, have never admitted your own hand in this bloody mess. And last tuesday you paid a price for that, which was regrettable.

-Villain (again, not anti-American, just anti-terrorist)
yea i know right, considering the fact that i had absolutely no way of doing it, since im just trying to live my life....... don't blame a whole country for what a couple hundred people in congress decide.... but anyway, thats not the point of this thread...... mr. black when did i say it made it alright? i said it's reality because apparently everyone is too caught up ssaying how much assholes are in america, while that shit is going on all the way across the fucking globe......
While I agree with Villain on some of this, the attacks Tuesday were the most devastating ever encountered in the world. If any side of any conflict were to launch an attack like that (in Ireland or Israel, for example) then I have no doubt those people would declare war and people would begin to pick sides. The same thing is happening in America. Maybe it's a scale issue. America is so much bigger than most countries (not population-wise, of course), that the attacks were bigger as a result. Car-bombs for small places, airplane-bombs for bigger. It's how to get the message across.

This isn't anti-american either. I'm very anti-terrorist. And while america seems to have had its hand in terrorism in the past (or perceived terrorism, usually broadcast as some kind of war effort), it doesn't mean that any nation deserves this kind of assault.

To Anti-Americans: lay off, they're going to learn their own lessons.

To Anti-Anti-Americans: lay off, you're going to get through this without throwing shit around.

Bah. I'm gonna hold off on getting my american citizenship now. No way I'm gonna fight a war for a country I wasn't even born in.