So, who will play ProgPower 6.1 this year???

The Wolf

Sep 19, 2004
Tucker, GA
For those of you who either missed it or never heard the story, this is in reference to one of the great memories from ProgPower 5 last year. ProgPower 5.1 (or as some like to refer to it-- Midnight at 6AM), occurred at the Fairfield Sunday morning with an acoustic performance featuring Midnight from Crimson Glory and some of the guys from Into Eternity among others. It was a great time and one that the twenty or so people that could stay up that long won't soon forget.

So, any guesses on what will happen this year???

I really have no idea, but I could hope that it would be as good as midnight. I had never heard crimson glory until recently, but good gravy are they bad ass.

Lord thank you for!

If Evergrey shows up (whether they're playing the fest or not) I'm sure they will somehow be involved in the .1 festivities..............................................................
I think it should be a Tore and Khan acoustic set. :) :) :)

(Still trying to come to terms with the fact that I will see CONCEPTION at long last after I had given up any hope of it ever happening).