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I suppose. But Dave is a smart guy and probably wanted to be more tactful than that.
I guess we should all thank Metallica for being a punch of backstabbing pussies & giving the world Megadeth then :)
yea but you do realize he was also thanking them right(hence my double edged comment)? Hes thanking them for showing the world that the true blood of metal runs through the veins of thrash(his band, Slayer, Exodus etc) ... since you know, that's the band that basically started it all.
Does anyone know the first metal album to diss another band in the liner notes? Feel the Fire and The Spectre Within (both also 1985 though also a few months after KIMB) give fuck you's to Queensryche and Anthrax respectively. Someone must have started a trend around that time.
Metallica's Kill 'Em All has some disses in its liner notes. "Epecially huge amounts of hatred and cess ridden filth to the poor downtroden victims that follow:"

Edit: Don't think they diss any bands though.
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I’m too offended that “Mechanix” has gone! I’ve always been in the ‘better than The Four Horsman’ camp. But yeah I plan on voting this round.
The remaining five songs, with the possible exception of Rattlehead, are all better than The Four Horsemen as well.