Spirit of the Season: Xmas Thread


Dimension Hatröss
May 22, 2015

I recently discovered this Christmas-themed album by Memphis rapper Indo G and it really put me in the spirit of the season like nothing ever before. Is that snow or crack rocks falling?

Anyway, it got me thinking that we should have a thread for Christmas and the holidays in general, share stories, share pictures, share your favourite movies to watch during the season, share our favourite Christmas-themed music to listen to while slamming keggnog and munching on gingerbread men, you can even write long autistic screeds about how much you hate Christmas, the holidays, and why!

This Xmascore album is my seasonal go-to:

And this classic:

I ran out of gift ideas years ago and started hating the commercial/shopping side of Xmas, even when just organising chocolates/snacks for 5 close relatives. For a year or so now we've agreed to do no Xmas gifts and it's been way better just focusing on the meals or meaningful shit. Eg. my mother's getting a retirement gift from a few of us instead. So it's good in my books again, but a large part of that is that summer is my favourite month. Thanks, Southern Hemisphere.

Some of the tracks from the Something Awful compilations are hilarious:

Also a punk band here had an Xmas side project called Sleigher:

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So it's good in my books again, but a large part of that is that summer is my favourite month. Thanks, Southern Hemisphere.

I fucking hate Aussie Xmas for this exact reason lmao. Though I'll admit playing cricket at the beach or park with some beers and BBQ food is a cool tradition that I do enjoy, but at the same time I don't know anything but that so...

Snow probably sucks balls to deal with but it would be cool to have a cold Xmas for once.
I can agree in part. My relos over in your neck of the woods fight over whose place Christmas is at then spend the day resenting who wins lunch. So in the spirit of family and getting together they fight on Christmas day and then all lob down to the beach at 9am Boxing Day and spend all day at a crowded beach yelling and screaming at their kids no matter how hot it is.

I hate the snow and I've even refused to take my kids to the snow, letting their grand parents do it, so I wouldn't trade a summer Christmas for shitty cold winters where doing anything outside sucks. But spending time in Perth with stinking hot days, fighting relos I don't see very often for a reason and christmas to boot really does suck. My family is far from perfect but at least it's relaxing and stress free.
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I don't know, I will listen to a lot of baroque music in december, that feels kinda christmasy, right? I might even go full choral like a retard. Like, Bach's cantatas and shit. Wife will be so annoyed. :rofl:
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Halford released another Christmas album a few weeks back. This time it's with his friends and brother in the band, not sure if it's classic Christmas songs or ones he's written.
Can we use this thread to talk about how all of the Christmas traditions are lifted from pagan beliefs?
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Tis the season motherfuckers.
I love Christmas; hot chocolate, the togetherness of friends and families, beautiful southern gospel renditions of Christmas tunes, all kinds of beauty in the art of Christmas.

I couldn't give a shit about presents, to be honest. Just the idea of a joyous day of togetherness makes me pumped. And while I'm not a secular Christian or even find myself a "true christian" I love hearing the church bells and people singing hymns.
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To be fair it wouldn't be all that massive of a de-rail. Just gearing up for solstice brother.
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Lads, since the holiday season is fast approaching I'd like to emphasize to everyone just how important vaginal hygiene is. If you plan to take your missus to the beach during the summer, be sure to make sure she cleans all of the sand out of her va-jay-jay before hoping back into the car.
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