Stopping by to say hello!


Feb 11, 2002
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Dear friends -

It's been a while since I stopped by -- sorry for the absence but there's been a lot going on. : )

I'm pecking these notes late at night with the dwindling remains of a very nice gin and tonic beside the laptop, in a hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas where I'm spending the week getting my bi-annual workup of tests to make sure that cancer remains sitting in the curb where I kicked it. Early results are quite positive.

The DVD will be out one week later than envisioned due to some distribution logistics with our label, but will still essentially be ready by mid September.

I have two gorgeous new guitars being made by my friends at Conklin and they will be arriving shortly, after which I will resume writing for the next record. We will be announcing label news shortly.

For a number of reasons, I want this next record to be particularly excellent. Not the least reason being I want to say "thanks" to our most loyal fans -- you are the best.

Be well, all of you, and I pledge to be around more in the future!


Good to hear from you, Nick! The early results are definitely encouraging!

Can't wait for the DVD and the new music!
Hey, Nick!

Let's hope that the medical results stay positive! You've been quite a trooper.

I can't wait to get a copy of the new live release. It'll hold me over nicely until we can hear some new material, which I expect will be nothing short of awesome.

If you come to ProgPower this year, I'll make sure to say hello, as always. Keep up the good work, and my best to you and your family!

Stay metal. Never rust.
Please don't stop making music I love you guys. I wish prog metal was popular lol
Redemption doesn't tour as much so that's why they aren't the most well known.
Sure the DVD will be well worth the wait, wishing you the best results and thanks for the update!