Structure of Inhumanity debut out now!

Dont mind both the clean and rough vocals...just dont like the actual delivery of the vocals and the lyrics. Seems forced and out of place. Solos are great and the production is spot on. Its only one song but not totally blown away here. Definitely intriuged however. Shouldve just said mixed views I guess lol.

Need new losing all hope.
First off, have you guys been to the Pyra FB page lately? Lot's of activity!

Second off: To purchase "Completion Integration"digitally:



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Downloadable Online Promo for review: Of Inhumanity - Completion Integration Promo.mp3

Music Video for "The Ruin" -

Music Video for "Red Ashes" -

Lyric Video for "I, on the Inside" - [ame][/ame]

Song Video for "The Passing Phase" -

Blinding Force Recordings (Label) -
Hey now that we are all back let's not forget Jonah's melodeth project! I don't want ten years to pass between those albums and I'll play on them myself if I have to (you listening Jonah?!!!) as its a damn fine early 2000's slice of Swedish style melodic death!