Studio report "Become Death"

Hi folks!

I thought I'd update you with our work on the studio here from time to time, hope I'll find enough time to post some smaller reports or pics, I'll see how things go by....

Well, today we have the 23rd November 2006 and as far as I know (lol) our new man behind the drums is setting up his kit and will start recording by tomorrow morning.

For those who might be interested how we found our new skinsman: actually Steffen is a good old friend of Markus and we all have known him for a couple of years now. Me personally, I always appreciated his drumming, I think he simply has simply the right balls to rock our camp, and when Sascha left the band I immediately thought he could be the one to be considered for the replacement. He used to play drums in Chinchilla, another band from Germany's south-located city Stuttgart, and is still playing in a coverband called "the Woodpeckers".

We have 10 songs to record, ...........first it will be the drums, then Dennis will do his bassparts next week, and after that, me and Markus will go start do the real shredding thing.

About the songs: I think we will have a good mixture of everything that makes SYMPHORCE so unique to myself. We have slower midtempo songs, brutal faster songs, some melodic parts, some evil parts..........also we did experiement with sounds which is a pretty cool thing I gotta say. I enjoyed messing around with loops and keyboard sounds when I wrote my tunes, but you don't have to be afraid, we're not sounding too modern, it's still the guitarrifs and vocal-lines that will make it louder than computer-technology-based loops ;-)) ;-))

We will have some other surprises what concerns the bonus stuff for the next record, you will get the whole package! and that's a promise. :headbang:

Alrighty then, ..........I'll drop by again as soon as possible, and if Steffen didn't already run away, I'll tell you about his thoughts on his recording process.

So far so good so what, BECOME DEATH will hit you real hard :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

Days 1 - 4

:OMG: Steffen has already finished his tracks, ..ain't that incredible? :headbang: Well, okay, the thing is we don't really have the budget to spend half a year in a studio, so everybody needs to get in there as well prepared as possible. And we can't afford to loose a lot of time, so everything is produced more or less at home in advance of the studiowork.

Me and Markus have just 4 days to record ALL the guitartracks for ALL songs, so that is gonna be a real challenge, ...........but as far as I remember we did it in the same time for the last album Godspeed, so I think we should be able to make it by time.

If not: :puke:


So, I gotta fix some data, and I'll try to call up Steffen to see, whether he has some time to let us know about his time at the House of Music Studios....

See ya around.
days 5-6

sooooo, time for another update hugh?

Dennis finished his basstracks already.....Me and Markus already startet with the guitar setup, think we found an amazing sound, the last 4-5 hours I spent my time with recording of rhythm guitars, already finished those to like 3 songs, I told you earlier we got a really big challenge to fulfill: recording all the guitars in 4 days :OMG: which seems almost impossible, but we had a good start so I am confident about our goal, hhehe, .....IF we make it, I think the Symphorce guitarreros will have some bottle of fucking champagne, haha

While I am writing this, I hear Markus recording one of his heaviest tunes so far ....plenty of razorsharp riffs, think you gonna like this a lot, although it is a bit Symphorce untypical, ...but hey: isn´t that what Symphorce is all about? We are so not predictable, haha :headbang:

I sure love the path we took with the upcoming cd, it will contain all you expect AND unexpect from Symphorce.........

Day 7


puhhhh, we are working under high-pressure, that is for sure, ...i just finished several overdubs to my songs, and so far it sounds great, really, ........markus just started doing overdubs to his songs.......

gotta run, ..

Day 8

Right on mothertruckers

I am DONE for my parts on "Become Death", ..this cd is gonna tear heads apart I tell you, hehe :kickass: :headbang: :kickass: :headbang: :kickass:

Markus is checking out more of his soloparts now, and will be finished by today´s evening.

Then we have a little break, before Andy is gonna do his vocalparts, fuck I still can´t believe we made all the guitars in like 4 days....okay, it took us a lot of blood, sweat and sperm (euuuh, upps, no not really, haha), but in the end it´s surely gonna be a record we all can be very very proud of.

We can´t let you hear the new shit,´s gonna blooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow your speakers....

:OMG: man, you guys are a MACHINE! Awesome... now just waiting for the album to come out soon! :cry: the wait is always the hardest!

Thanks so much for the updates Cede... you rawk man! :worship:
Day 9

Andy layed down his first vocallines, least I think that, as nobody hears a word back from the silent master :) :) :)

I think he should be finished until the weekend, and next week (11-16th dec), Dennis (Ward) will start to mix the album I suppose.

Damn, I can't wait to let you hear, it's gonna sound great I'm sure, and for the bonusmaterial we have some pretty nice extras for you, but more on that later on..........


So, have a blasting weekend, and make sure to check back for more updates and news.

Thank you very much for such detailed updates, i wish most of the bands i like would take the time to consider what these details mean to some of theis fans,
keep up the good work, a real fan forever:worship: :kickass:
Day 10

Andy finished his vocallines already..........Actually I can't tell you much about that, cause he didn't update me too much, hehe But he told me everything went down pretty cool and that Dennis Ward will start to mix on Sunday which leads me to....

Day 11

Dennis Ward starts mixing......
So I suppose the first rough mixes will come in by the end of the week where we can add some final adjustments to the sound before it comes to the mastering.

We're also considering to make the photoshooting next Saturday, but that isn't confirmed yet. I'm looking forward to look like shit like always, hahaha :kickass:
Cede; Dude, thank you so much for posting all these updates! It's really great that you are keeping us updated, makes for a momentous occassion when it's all sung and done! Any chance you'll be smiling in these photos or is that not metal?:heh: That one pic of you squatting over the horseshit still cracks me up:lol: :lol: All the best to the you and the guys and send me some pics when you can. Hugs, Kristy
@nightrunner: yes, already everything is recorded!

What I can tell you folks is that we have really put everything and more to make this album possible. It took us 100000% to get it all done, so if I'll find someone out there who just downloads it, I'll crack him into pieces :) :)

I think you will get a real masterpiece, but of course that's just my opinion. :saint:

The release is still expected for a late Feb. early March release. So it won't take you THAT long to get your fingers on the new shit.

So far so good so symphorce