Sweden rock festival (A little late) :P


aka Ophidian
May 17, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
So a couple of weeks ago I was at the sweden rock festival.
And I saw
entombed (They were kickass, great start to a great festival)
Dragonforce (I know some people say that theyre great guitarplayers... but they are REALLY sloppy live...)
Nevermore (Probably the best concert Ive been to, even though steve was very missed. Seen nevermore three times but this was definatly the best!)
Metal church (It was... well, good.)
Vanden plas (The second best band at the festival IMO.)
Michael schenker group ( I wasnt that impressed, though he is a great guitarplayer.)
Sodom (the oldest heaviest guys at the festival... It was fun to see some old people rocking. :p)
Ted nugent(even though his opinions are kind of stupid he was the real the rockstar... Great show!)
A bit of Obituary (That was a good show to but I would rather see nugent so i went back to the big stage.)
And i missed celtic frost :mad: (my friends told me it was the best concert at the festival...)

My mom walked into the nevermore signing first of everyone (yes I went to the festival with my mom, but shes a big nevermore fan. :lol: ) and the guys said hi and asked her what her name was and she told them that her name was mia and that she was there with the boys (me and a friend). And warrel started calling her the mother... I met warrel after the show at the side od the stage and my mom was there to and he said "Oh its the mother!" That was hilarious... :lol:

I caught jeffs pick! And I talked some to van before the show because we were sitting there 2 hours before the show cause we wanted good places.

Ok and here are the pics (gonna upload a dragonforce guitarduel video at youtube.com soon) And I uploaded the ones that got pretty good, Most of the pics suck so there is not a lot from every concert.

Me outside the house that we lived in during the festival.





The nevermore signing (Im that really tall guy with the nile t-shirt.)

No sorry no videos from nevermore. Actually it was prohibited to videofilm inside the festivalarea. But I used the videofunction on my digital camera once, during the dragonforce concert.