T.J. Helmerich 8 finger tapping


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Sep 18, 2011
what's up, all you 8 finger tapping fans!

I've recently been getting into some jazz/fusion stuff and stumbled across this guy. I had no idea 8 finger tapping had been around this long, he has a very different approach to Chris it seems. Check him out and see what you think!

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Oh yeah, 8 finger has been around a while - Jeff Watson of Night Ranger was one of the earliest guys to use it, if I remember correctly.

This is some great stuff though. Very impressive.
Some Jazz players, like Emmett Chapman, used 8 fingers already in the 60s. And I love TJ Helmerich, especially the stuff he recorded with Brett Garsed.
i never knew that! that's pretty cool.

And yeh, Brett Garsed was how I found out about this guy. Quid Pro Quo is an awesome album of theirs!
You haven't heard of Stanley Jordan then?
His first record came out in the early 80's. Here's a video of a gig from 1990.

Mr. Sister hinted it already, guess why Tony Levin's nice instrument of choice is called a 'Chapman'- stick? ;)
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