Tales From The Pit #5 featuring Death Angel and Deadly Embrace!

VARIOUS ARTISTS • Tales From The Pit #5 • (2003 Metallian Productions)
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Tales From The Pit #5
(Metallian Productions)

Just like frickin' Superman, director Jerry Allen arrives once again in the nick of time - rescuing the true metal fan from the poisonous clutches of nü-metal and rapcore. Three years in the making, issue #5 of the "first and best video magazine for thrash fans, made by thrash fans" comes ten years after it's predecessor - a decade which has seen the hideous rise of Limp Bizkit and the heartrending downfall of Metallica. But fear not, faithful one, Jerry and his gaggle of co-hosts - including the irritating Sean Killian of Vio-lence and the always-amiable Mark Osegueda of Death Angel - spend nearly three hours providing you with the music and visuals that will give you the hope and strength to continue to wage our holy war against the backwards scarlet ballcap, 13-foot wallet chain and size 47 x 32 trousers.

The lengthier of #5's interviews prove to be the best and obviously most informing. Specifically, a jawing with the reformed Death Angel (including snippets of the rarely seen "Voracious Souls" video), political chit-chat with Mille Petrozza from Kreator, random blabberings from Cannibal Corpse's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher and - a dream come true for Mr. Allen - a bull session with Iron Maiden's Dave Murray, Janick Gers and Nicko McBrain. The shorter segments prove to be quality viewing as well, featuring mini-interrogations with members of S.O.D., The Haunted, Halford, Destruction, In Flames, Witchery, Morbid Angel, Nuclear Assault and some rather surprisingly intelligent quips from Deicide croaker Glen Benton. Ronnie James Dio reveals his thoughts on religion while sitting in a stairway as Lemmy (sitting in what looks like the same damned stairway) provides the video's most cerebral moments as only he can. Lemmy on fashion: "You kids with the big shorts need to get a clue. It looks like your older brother died and left you his wardrobe." Lemmy on Napster: "They should be fuckin' put out of business. I do a day's work, I get a day's pay - fuck you and anybody else who thinks different. Fuck off, I want my money." Lemmy on Lemmy: "I collect Nazi memorabilia, yeah." Have you been scrutinized for collecting that stuff? "Yeah, but my black girlfriend don't care."

I understand Allen wanting to spice things up and include other things he feels the average thrash fan will find interesting, however, the inclusion of special effects/gore guru Tom Savini, sadistic sex kitten Mistress Persephone and, especially, the moronic Boone Brothers hawking their "Brawlin' Broads" videos (in which authentic trailer trashettes kick each other's already bad teeth in for cash, speed and/or "baloney sandwiches") just seem to take up valuable space and get in the way. Can't blame a guy for trying, but this don't work, Jer.

A touching tribute to Exodus/Piranha snarler Paul Baloff (who died of a massive stroke in early 2002) fills several of #5's better minutes, reminiscing the much-missed madman with several candid clips of the frizz-domed singer philosophies and assorted antics (my favorites being the exercise tips with a baseball bat) as well as memories shared by his girlfriend, friends and fellow Bay Area thrashers.

Finally, TFTP5 is rounded out by a mini-documentary of thrash's most triumphant day: August 11, 2001. An exact month before the horrifying devastation in the Big Apple, San Francisco's Maritime Hall experienced it's own annihilation, but in an act of charity and love rather than terror and hate. Because Testament roarer Chuck Billy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer early in 2001, Jerry Allen and Walter Morgan decided to put together the benefit to end all benefits: Chuck Billy's Thrash Of The Titans - a gathering of the Bay Area's best, some reforming solely because of the importance of the event. An all-day assault, TOTT featured performances from Flotsam & Jetsam (which proved to be the final performance for departed vocalist Erik A.K.), Sadus, Exodus, S.O.D. and Anthrax as well as reunited ensembles Heathen, Forbidden Evil, Death Angel (THANK YOU, GOD!!!), Vio-lence and Legacy, the band that evolved into Testament with original vocalist/Exodus alumn Steve "Zetro" Souza on vocals. For the final number of the night (actually it was morning by then) Chuck Billy joined Legacy for the fieriest version of "Into The Pit" ever performed on any stage - I know because I was there. Although this could easily be a full-length feature, the interviews, video clips and live performances captured here make for some of the greatest metal moments ever put tape.

All in all, another triumph for Jerry Allen and thrash fanatics worldwide. Hopefully another ten years won't have to pass before we see #6, but if it must, could we please have DVD versions of #1-#5 to hold us over?

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"The vid FUCKING RULES!!!!!!!! Go buy it!! " - Ted Aguilar, Death Angel

"I've Said it before & I'll say again.........Tales From The Pit............Is The Best Video Magazine, I've ever seen!........it's informative, candid, funny, crude, heavy, real, & very well done, and packed with bands that are true to metal..... There's nothing out their to even compare it with, I am very anxious & excited to see the newest edition.........Did I mention Brutal!" - WALTER MORGAN, Thrash Of The Titans Organizer

"EVERYONE should buy this fucking video! In fact, if you DON'T buy this video you are a fucking POSER and a PUSSY and FAR from being a true metalhead, because this video is by far the best fucking metal video magazine you'll ever get your hands on....until TFTP 6 that is! Seriously people, check this shit out. I gurantee you wont be dissapointed. Just to clarify. Dont take me too seriously folks, but yet believe me when I tell you this video is fantastic! Its packed with cool shit and is very long considering the reasonable price, so it's well worth it! Support thrash metal!" - Hunger Of The Undead, posted on the Testament message board

"So I sit down yesterday evening and pop in the "Best Of" edition. That shit BLEW me away. There is SO MUCH in that that I'll be watching that for months until I have the whole thing memorized. "Best Of" was like nothing I have ever seen before. After that finished, I put in #5. Now, I try to watch my language here sometimes, but the only thing I can say is OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! I was up until 2 watching this, mouth agape the whole time. Between the quality (100% mindblowing), the content (NO filler), and the bands (all killer), I am completely in metal bliss. I haven't felt like this in ages. This is the best video of any kind I've ever seen, and that includes DVDs, movies, music tapes, ANYTHING. TFTP #5 goes beyond video. This is a masterpeice; a work of art that deserves a place beside "Reign in Blood", "Master of Puppets", Clash of the Titans tour, and Thrash of the Titans as a monumental metal achievement for all to bow down to. Jerry, you fucking rule! All the work you put into this shows. Just thinking about the chimp sounds makes me laugh. This is criminally underpriced. I would have paid $50 for this and still it would be a bargain. The Paul Baloff tribute was awesome. Thank you for making a portal into a slice of Paul's life for those of us who were unfortunate to have never met him. I felt like I knew him, even if just a little, after that tribute. If ANYONE here still does not own #5, then you are missing out on what can only be described as the best metal experience before the invention of the time machine." - JEREMY HOLCOMBE, CANTONMENT, FL

"Got the video today.....and just finished watching the whole thing straight through. Man, this vid ABSOLUTELY crushes . It's the first TFTP video I've ever seen....so I guess it was about damn time I finally got my head out of my ass and bought a video. I sure as hell will be ordering the best of and all the back issues that are still available ASAP. Just killer in every way...after watching it now, I can truly grasp the idea of how much time and effort must be involved in putting one issue together. Great band interviews/live clips and great mix of material all around....the outtakes and the Boone Bros segment had me fucking rolling on the floor . Just a killer product and mega props to Raptor & crew for one hell of a kickass job Hope to see many future TFTP down the road." - George Jones, Rockville, MD

"Got mine today, just finished watching the whole thing... all I can say is the TFTP crew outdid themselves on this one! So much to digest after one viewing... but the close to 3 hours flew by. "By the fans, for the fans" is no bullshit - board members get almost as much time in between interviews than the hosts do.. seriously though, excellent product. Well worth the wait. " - Chris Cuomo, Los Angeles CA

"To all of the people who are thinking about ordering it DON'T WAIT DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!. Just got mine today and this video kicks ass. I was laughing hard at the out takes WHORE PANTIES . Keep up the Killer work Jerry & Crew we need more killer vids like this" - Greg Davis, Somoma CA

"I just got thru watching #5 & it just plain crushes ALL. Congrats & a huge thanks to everyone involved for all their time & hard work that was put into making TFTP #5 !!!! No one puts out quality, intense, funny, over the top stuff like this. Thanks for keeping Thrash alive Jerry, Ingrid & Jesse (an everyone else involved..... you guys fuckin' rule !!!!)" - Scot Wallace, Fresno, CA

"Jerry, great fucking job man. It's the first TFTP I've seen and I'm an instant fan. The words "for the fans, by the fans" has never been more true. The segments are great, the production is great. Total old-school with class. I go to a few other boards and I'll plug it there...everybody who is a metal fan NEEDS to see this." - Brian Munson, Herndon, VA

"Ordered the video late Tuesday, recieved it yesterday and watched it this morning. Very cool indeed and the references to Tharsh Eats Balls were classic. The interview with Nuclear Assault ruled which I though was the best interview you did. Hearing Connelly intelligently bash the liberal left and calling out all the fucks who really have no clue about what happened on 9/11 was great. All the interviews were good and you really got a lot of guys talking about more than just the band such as Dio talking about the whole organized religion thing. Schlonger I mean Schmier and Millie I mean Mille are fags! Mille saying Bush is the worst preisdent then turning around and saying he is NOT informed enough to formulate an opinion yet the fucker belted one opinion out right away. I absolutely loved both Kreator and Destruction and it's a shame these guys who sang about violence,destruction, anger etc. turned out to be the biggest liberal hippies this side of Chris Barnes.

Nice tribute to Paul Baloff. RIP.

TOTT review was cool and just makes me want to have a DVD even more (*wink* *wink* Jerry). The outtakes were pretty funny and allowed me to put a face to the names of a few board members. It's definitely the best TFTP release yet and hopefully this will pay for itself not to mention generate enough revenue to pay for production costs of another issue.

Good work, congratulations and cheers to Jerry and the whole TFTP crew." Carl Fulli - Epidemic

"Big "thats tops" to jerry and the rest of the tftp crew. Top stuff. Sean and Mark did a great job of hosting, and the outtakes had me laughing my head off. And the boone brothers had me thinking wtf?!?!?!" - Glenn Deans - Australia

"I'm really impressed with the production... Great job Jerry! killer vid. the outtakes are hilarious" - Tony Perry, San Francisco CA

"..I love it... have not seen anything this good in a long time. Thanx for the great video!" - Rachel Escoto, Richfield, MN

"I've got em all and to me they're all great but it is obvious that this one has taken the TFTP vids to a new level." - Scott Dion, west warwick, RI

"This is a total kick ass edition, and I would really hate to see it stop now that you hit a very high level of quality. I guess what I am trying to say is, that with this issue you really leave people hungry for a lot more. I know that I am!" - Lars Jakobsen, Copenhagen, Denmark

"we have watched if 5 times now...has so much info... again nice work... editing must have been beyond tedious. ...hope it never stops." - Michele Lopez, Hayward, CA

"Got it in the mail yesterday, that was fuckin' quick. Only one true way to describe this video.....\m/\m/\m/ ......Dude I was fucking crying watching Jesse gag and puke, that was beautiful. Killer segments on all the bands, the Death Angel one was my particular favorite......Glen Benton..\m/\m/\m/ .....will not miss next years beach party. You should definately give yourself a pat on the back on this one......killer job. Oh yeah....THE FUCKING BOONE BROS....\m/\m/\m/" - Michael Kerns, Leander, TX

Jerry, TFTP #5 rules! To everyone who helped put #5 together, you all should be proud! Damn good work!! - Erick Williamson, Port Arthur, TX

"Got it yesterday and watched a good part. The tribute to Paul is very moving, excellent job Jerry. I am sure it was very emotional for you. All the bands are extremly candid, great editing the way the music and interviews are blended together. Witchery had me rolling 'The first song is about dead people, the second song is about dead people, the third song is about dead people and the fourth song is about people about to die'. definately a must have, unless your shelf is full of Korn and Limp Biskit videos." - Grynder69, post from TFTP message board


"its fuckin killer! just killer! great picture, great sound, and great editing! i like the little shots you put during the interviews, especially the indy racing one during the S.O.D. segment...brutal!" - Tim O'Connor, Martinez, CA

"It came like 3 days after I ordred it I popped it in to just get a preview while I ate dinner coz I needed to study for my PE test I took this weekend. Needless to say, I ended up watching it twice that night and never studied. The next day I came home from work, I popped it in again for a third viewing (again no studying). My only complaint is: NO SADUS TOTT LIVE FOOTAGE!!!! Guess you're saving it for the full TOTT DVD editon. Again, great job on the video" -Brennan Ott, San Diego, CA

"PayPal couldn't have taken my order fast enough today when I read that Pit # 5 was ready to buy.Have really enjoyed the other videos I've bought from you guys in the past, and no doubt, # 5 is one helluva show too.

Several months ago, I stumbled onto your website and decided to buy all of the titles you were selling at the time (everything except TFTP 1 and 2,which of course have long been sold out).* Thought you might enjoy hearing (although you probably hear it often fromothers too), the VCR has never rocked so hard and long before playing the fuk outta each one of your tapes ever since. Each one has been watched here probably 15-20 times, and yet without exception, each show still rocks as hard and kickass as good as it did the first time we viewed 'em. To so many of us, listening to metal is like goin' to fuckn church. To come home after a shitty day at work sometimes and get over it by poppin'in one of your shows' tapes, that just makes me all the more wanna say now,HUGE THANKS AND HAILZ TO YOU ALL AT METALLIAN for being GODS that kick holy ass, showin' all of us how metal video can and should be done.

Will send a separate paypal here in a sec to buy your latest, # 5, but here's a few extra bucks in the offering plate to say I sure as hell lookforward to seeing your latest and may this and others' appreciative gifts inspire you to keep the cameras rollin' cuz we're sure as hell hopin' andprayin' that you, being THEE GODS of Metal Video, are already lookin' to create # 6.

Just in case Paypal fucks up and it isn't clear from their email to you, I sent two paypals today...one for $24.99 to pay for one copy of # 5 with shipping, and also a 2nd paypal (for $31.00) ..just a small gift to say a HUGE "THANKS" for your continued loyal support to metal and for giving such valuable exposure to all the bands who live and play to kick the ass of heaven and shit its holy god... :) HAILZ TO YA!" -Danny Chadburn, Arlington, VA
I just finished watching the whole thing and DAMN, what a TRUE metal video. Thanks to Valofvalhalla , I really enjoyed the vid :) It was really cool how they did a feature on TOTT w/ our very own Deady Embrace. Pretty damn cool. Makes me (and I'm sure the rest of us) really want that DVD even more. Oh well ... :bah:
hiddenlegions said:
I just finished watching the whole thing and DAMN, what a TRUE metal video. Thanks to Valofvalhalla , I really enjoyed the vid :) It was really cool how they did a feature on TOTT w/ our very own Deady Embrace. Pretty damn cool. Makes me (and I'm sure the rest of us) really want that DVD even more. Oh well ... :bah:
There are only a few here that I would trust MY merchandise to. You are one of them HL. I'm glad that I helped ya out. It is extreme isn't it?