Thales - Demo


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Thales - Demo
Unsigned - 2001
By Jo

THALES have four demo songs available for your listening pleasure - click here to listen.

Their music takes the listener to far away places…in my opinion they are in this way similar, in exploration of creating emotion and feel, to Opeth (if you have to compare them to another band?), but obviously unique in their sound!

So early on in their career, the BIG sound and DEPTH they are producing, without vocals, mastering etc, is HUGE!

Very cool!

“We have many songs written already, so the only thing holding us back is the fact that we are short of a bassist and a vocalist (though the latter is ‘in the works!’). As soon as and when we get our crew together we'll start sending our music to metal record labels and see if they are interested.” - Thales

'SOLACE' was Thales first song to be finished in ’97 and recorded in ’99, written by Jani & Lasse. The beginning of this track feels like something just happened that you are a part of even though there is no music beforehand, a comfy groove. The first 3 minutes of guitar speak is a killer, then beautiful guitar blends leading you up to the 4 minute mark where it grinds and twists you, building up to the end of this story. “The inspiration to start writing our own songs came from listening to Opeth and Dark Tranquillity. Naturally, the first steps in songwriting weren't easy and Solace was constructed with ‘blood and sweat’ and a lot of unfitting riffs ending up archived somewhere in the depths of our hard disks”. - Thales

'DESOLATION' written by Jani and Lasse, was a step further in the progressive direction. “This time the writing process wasn't as difficult as in ‘Solace's’ case. Instead, the riffs came together with relative ease and without any major obstacles jarring the development”. - Thales Desolation explodes into guitars, there is a fantastic change at 1.19 minutes and the bass section at 2.20 minutes, into guitars…very funky! From the 3.13 minute mark...WOW! Very smooth… melts you away… takes you away back in time. The changes all flow together very nicely. I really love the drum sections Thales are writing.

'PELLUCID LAKE’, a fantastic introduction, then they hit the listener with the guitar onslaught! The keyboards, guitars, bass and drums, lead you easily through this song (I do not miss the vocals). Very tidy keyboard work! Thales should congratulate themselves… aahhhhh yeeessssss. Close your eyes, listen and you know they have something extremely special together. Last 3 minutes with guitars… sweet! “Pellucid Lake went through a complete face-lift during the winter of ‘00/’01, having been written a lot earlier, around '96. It is our first song to feature Dimmu Borgir inspired keyboards, bringing more progressive / experimental elements with them.” - Thales

'WORLD BEYOND’ has such a powerful introduction, it demands your attention straight away, I love the change at 3.35 minutes, this song is just beautiful! It is the first released song to be written by Jani & Juuso in ’01. “We think it has a great deal of influences from Opeth's "My Arms, Your Hearse", but that wasn't intentional. The song just came together, sort of writing itself.” - Thales

“Maybe the reason why our music doesn't fit into any traditional category is because the three of us have listened to a great variety of bands and music styles over time, and when we write a song, we write it for ourselves. When we come up with a riff that sounds cool in our opinion - into the song it goes; we don't start thinking whether it fits in some category or are certain people going to like it. But if someone does like it, all the better!” - Thales

THALES have enormous potential and I look forward to following their musical careers!
Thales fucking own you, me, and Hillary Clinton while Im at it.
Thales has been one of my favorite bands for over a year now. Their new album seems to be comming together... very exciting!