The Dillinger Escape Plan

Avoid Dillinger.. like the Plague !!!!
I bought that piece of garbage after reading 'Good reviews'. HA !!
It's nothing less than an awful Hodgepodge of noise.
I sold it to my local CD Trader, and they only gave me $2 for it.
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!:mad: Avoid the Plague !!!!
whoa, really mixed responses....I think they are good (great musicians) but lately any hard/metalcore type wife beater wearing dancing retarded in a pit with the "hardcore" finger gets on my nerves.
Originally posted by wolf
Can you get into them live if you hav'nt heard them?There coming to my town soon and I'm considering going.
wolf...i would tell you to go see them even if u dont know any of their music. i found one of my favorite bands by seeing them live before ever hearing them...that band being candiria. super technical hardcore mixed w/jazz, hiphop, fuzion, urban, and a 25 other genres that would take to long to list...they blew me the fuck away. and now i love them...and oh yeah dillinger IS badass...go see them!