The Haunted instores


Pillock of society
Apr 16, 2001

with special guests Blood Duster

12th Adelaide @ Uni Bar with Diatribe
14th Melbourne @ The Corner with Earth
15th Sydney @ The Metro with Daysend
16th Brisbane @ The Arena with Minus Life


VIC March 14th @ International Trash signing 4pm
NSW Instore TBC.... Details later this week.
QLD March 16th @ Skinnys signing 3.30pm

Where the hell is International Trash??????
Ah thanks Coops. Makes sense. We'll have to meet up again that day. At least we know what each other look like. :)
Originally posted by Cooperman
I just looked on and found this...

International Trash
65 Swan St Richmond 3121

I spose it's a shop or something... and right near The Corner Hotel too I think.

I've only been in there once, but from what I remember it's run by the ex-drummer from Within Blood, and even though the shop seems to mostly deal in punk/hardcore it's still a pretty damn good place. And yep, it's about a minute's walk from The Corner Hotel, if that.
Just a reminder about these instores. I forgot about it until today, and realised that I'm gonna have to get out of a shift at work to go to it. Don't forget!
They still cover Blinded By Fear, so it's not like they reject that era. But yeah, they would be a tad sick of hearing ATG questions by now.
DravenMist said:
"apparently" they both dislike talking about ATG, and are like "dude, at the gates broke up 6 years ago, get over it...we're in the Haunted now, that's all we focus on"...ya know??

which i can kinda believe, guessing on the amount of times he's been asked the same questions about at the gates over the years.

I can understand it too, but, geez, At The Gates isn't a band that you just "get over". :p Best bloody Swedish melodic-death/thrash/whatever band ever dammit!

And if they do indeed play Blinded By Fear I'll totally lose it. :p~
they play blinded i know for sure
and im sure they will sign cds, i mean its not like there is any bad blood from at the gates :D
Well I'll soon be going home to pack the bags ready to catch my flight to Melbourne early tomorrow morning. I expect I'll be seeing Winmar, but if anyone else sees me at the instores or at the gig tomorrow night come up and say hi :)
Damn 4:00pm instores. Damn not finishing work until 5:30pm. Damn them all to hell.
Meh, I'll see you all at the gig tonight. No strangling anyone tonight either. I promise ;).
Winmar said:
They still cover Blinded By Fear, so it's not like they reject that era. But yeah, they would be a tad sick of hearing ATG questions by now.

Maybe they are, maybe they're not. Michael Amott gets asked about Carcass all the time. He just shrugs and smiles and says "Yeah, they were great! I loved that band."
I bet Anders and Jonas are sick of people asking them whether ATG will ever reform though. People ask that all the bloody time!
Clarky said:
they play blinded i know for sure

No they fucking didn't!
Yeah I was hoping they would, but it never eventuated. :( Great show though. So they didn't play it in Sydney either?