The Lore

Grundel the Destroyer said:
This is prolly the best place to ask this.

Ive searched for a while but can't find a good site with information about Norse Mythology and things like battle hymns and prayers....if anyone knows such a site could you let me in on it?

this site is really good, but get yourself a book on the subject, there are loads of them.
as for battle hymns and prayers i think it'll be harder to find any about that. the people living in the time of the viking raids did't write very much, apart from the laconic rune stones of course, but they generally just say who erected them and why. the only descriptions of religios practice availible to us today are the ones written by arab scholars and christian missionaries, there aren't any written by the vikings/people of the time themselves. i haven't read the eddas or the king stories written by snorre, perhaps there is something there.
I too recommend the Northvegr site, but my aettir's home page is good too. If you rummage around a bit, you can find lore there, too. It's at If Ravenstead kindred is still up and running (try Googe) they have good site too.