'The Messenger' Video Almost finished !


Power Quest
Feb 16, 2003
The promo/live video of 'The Messenger' is almost finished. It contains footage from all the gigs we played on the tour and some other 'road' style footage.

If we were to have it as a ~45MB download off the site, would people be inerested in seeing it ?
Hell yeah I wanna see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hotjump: :hotjump: :hotjump:
Hey, hey, who's this beautiful long haired guy on the video? :loco:

Really nice to you to keep me on screen! :Spin:

The video is really cool.

THANX for everything to all of you, yes, once again, I know!!! :wave:

See you soon and give some news!

Bye and best wishes for this year to MR & all the crew (incl. fantastic ones as Wendy, Paula and Jez, and hopefully I forget nobody).
Thanks to you too Zul. Well happy with the video - I think it captures the fun we had on tour. Hopefully we'll do it again soon.

Best of luck with IM as well - kick ass demo btw !!

The Messenger video has been extremely popular in the last few months, so much so that the website's getting a little too close to it's bandwidth cap. The video has been zipped up to save a few precious bytes, and allow you to download and watch at your leisure from the comfort of your own hard disk... ;)
= pops out her head from under a rock= Hee hee, I need to see this
= disappears again to download the vid=

* Saw the newcast this morning..... :( Another note to add to my list "Reasons Why Humanity is Becoming a Giant Festering Cesspit"