The misheard lyrics thread

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Not so much when I listen to The Book of Thel, but when I sing it in my head at other times, I always sing:

"Where you gonna run to now?
I like small things made in China.

Where you gonna run to now?
My cat's got a big vagina."

Now obviously it's nothing like that, but that's what always comes into my head! :)

It was Winmar silly. Although Trent probably does do that anyway :D Hehe
Hahahaha you 2 dingbats...

First Kem, you go off an say to Tonci "Hahaha it was Winmar, not Trent!"... that was bad enough! Then Tonci replies and says "So it was" hahah!

Read between Winmar and Tonci's posts, lol.
Some people *shakes head*
:lol: this is old, so i dragged it out

heres mine, dio- rainbow in the dark. We could never ever work out the words to the line "we're a lie, you and i, we're words without a ryme" were, me and my mate just always sang
"We rely, you are I
we're wogs without a ride"
Not metal, but in the car one day with the radio on, a mate started singing along to Elton John "Hold me closer Tony Danza", which fitted suprisingly well, and will never change in my mind.

Was listening to Warlock one day, when my sister came in and said "why are they singing about seals, if their heavy metal ?"

WTF ??

"Say Hi to a seal"