The new music for my ears and maybe yours


New Metal Member
Feb 12, 2024
Hello everyone, I have been listening to a lot of solfeggio frequencies for a while now and I definitely feel better. I was wondering if maybe some heavy band plays not at 440 Hz but at 432 Hz. I have only found one band that is called Solfeggio Apex. They released an EP in 2023 called " I dirrect my eyes into my Soul" and that week a single called "The sound of DNA" I like the music I don't know if I can see the difference of 440 and 432 tuning I noticed that since listening to the 440 vibrato it comes in worse and actually it's the solfeggio apex that I like when it comes to tone distance. Let me know if you know of any similar project from heavy bands promoting playing music in 432 Hz.