the origin of your member titles?


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Apr 29, 2001
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I think the option to create a custom title is one of the coolest things about this forum, besides the fact that it is an Opeth forum :)

My title is not meant as an anti-Christian statement, it is owed from the best song on Iced Earth's Horror Show, which is their best album since Burnt Offerings. I speak of Damien, a masterpiece of pure evil. The spoken interlude in which "cursed Nazarene" appears is one of the most blasphemous things I have ever heard.
Mine comes from The Crown it is one of my favorite songs of theirs right off "Hell is Here". I will probably change it soon not liking to have one thing forever.
Wars of Winter: He means the little text under the nickname, not the nickname itself, you can change that text in the user cp...

I guess the origin of my title is quite obvious ;)

The Crown fucking rules!!
Vexing Ego is a warning. I have a knack for pissing punks off and quite a bit of experience in msgboard wars. It's just a statement about me aimed at eventual opponents. It seems to be pretty unecessary on this board though.
Sometimes I'm sarcastic towards myself (I also have a twisted sense of humour :) ). Anyway, I've used this nick for a few years and people had trouble understanding why a guy would choose "Orchid" as his nick. ;) So I proclaimed myself a hippie. :D
My first one was "Immemorial Fire" just 'cause I thought it sounded cool, one of my fave Opeth lines. I also liked "Celestial Touch", but realized that as a lyric it sounds cool, but as a title it sounds like a child molestor.

Then, I had "Proud Opethian" for awhile, which is pretty self-explanitory, but I'm going with the new signoff at the bottom, so I decided to change it to the current one, Minister of Propaganda.

This is because I have a few friends with plans (to varying degrees of seriousness) of one day ruling the world and I have made arrangements (to varying degrees of seriousness. Heh.)with all of them to be their Minister of Propaganda should that be the case.

The World's new National Anthem: The Entire MAYH album.
Schoolchildren will stand and listen to it EVERY MORNING!

Mine is simple -
Metal music is IT for me, I'm male, and I am a Certified Public Accountant by trade, thus the brilliantly thought out (hehe) name. I guess there was never one song which totally defined me, thus, I've never found my name from the lyrics of a song.

And I am the original Opethian (not the 1st to listen to Opeth's music, but the one who coined the phrase Opethian (as far as I know))
Originally posted by metalmancpa
And I am the original Opethian (not the 1st to listen to Opeth's music, but the one who coined the phrase Opethian (as far as I know))

That is correct, and what a brilliant phrase you came up with! :)
It's just great! ;)
Mine is such because of the twisted individual that I manifest as. Theres just too much serpentine in my eyes.

SCARE those grandmahss.... RAHHH HA HAAAAAAAH!!... (lol)
My custom title is quite obviously taken from the Opeth song with the damn near coolest outro I've yet to hear. :eek: Beautiful/emotional playing from Mike and Peter led to the tag, and plus I figured it would tag me as someone who enjoys the band immediately to others who cruise the forum.

Oh, and Mikael's coolest death scream, IMO, in DotF helped the decision as well. The song just all-around rocks to me.

Since some of you are talking about your "Nickname" & some your "Status" so I'll tell you both.
Status: Self Explanatory. (although I will change it after a while)
Nickname: Taken from the movie "Troll" There is a part where Turok the "Troll" turns a midget into a cacoon, and when he hatches, the troll lifts him up and says "Welcome brother elf." So, I thought that this was funny and chose that as my name.

Hoserhellspawn: Tell your friends It won't be easy since I already own the world :p

The High Lord: Mortification rules :D