The Postman Syndrome - Terraforming

Nate The Great

What would Nathan do?
May 10, 2002
The Postman Syndrome
Now Or Never Records 2002
By Nathan Pearce


It’s obvious the 21st century will be a test for any band playing traditional styles and genres. Once again, the post-hardcore genre has unleashed a band not content with predetermined notions of the genre. The Postman Syndrome takes punishing metalcore, sprinkles a dash of death metal, a pinch of melodic rock, a teaspoon of prog, and then boils it all until everything melts into one large heap of heavy music.

‘Terraforming’ shows The Postman Syndrome has learned to go from the Foo Fighters, to Rush, to The Dillinger Escape Plan without sounding confusing. In fact, The Postman Syndrome doesn’t even seem to know these styles of music are being morphed throughout every song. The band is as adept at changing sounds and styles as they are at writing amazing songs; great choruses breakdown into complex song structures only to twist back into straight ahead melodic verses. All this is done without confusing the listener one bit.

While I sense that this band comes from a hardcore/metalcore background, the song structures and sounds of more modern metal is what drives them. Check out “Schizorabbit and the Face Parade (part 1)” and tell me Sepultura wouldn’t be proud. The Postman Syndrome proves, once again, that limitations don’t exist. Without losing any sense of direction, ‘Terraforming’ is a complex but assessable album. Definitely a band to be reckoned with. Melodic . . . progressive . . . crushing . . .