The World Needs A Hero!!

I think clearly it's their best since Countdown... and that's coming from a HUGE Youthanasia fan!! I've probably listened through it about 10 times over the weekend and there's only one song I'm not particularly fond of... Losing My Senses... everything else just rips!!

What are your favourite songs??

At the moment mine are Burning Bridges and Promises... I'm usually not a huge fan of metal ballads... but there's just something about Promises... just sounds hell cool!
Not sure about a least favourite yet...I wasn't that impressed with "Moto Psycho" when I first heard it, but am liking it more now.

I think my favs from first impressions would be "1000 times Goodbye", and "When". "Promises" is also awesome, and "Return to Hanger" absolutely rips!

Haven't really decided how it compares to other albums yet....I am a big fan of both "Cryptic Writings" and "Youthanasia", but TWNAH is definately much harder hitting. The best elements of everything they've done since RIP, in my opinion.

Definately didn't dissapoint, thats for sure!
Well i got it last Thursday and have listened to it heaps.
I first thought it was just pretty good, then my kind brother lent me money so i could pay off my new stereo:D .

I listened again on my new stereo and now it just fucking rocks. Moto Psycho is my favorite and I though Losing My Senses was cool too:)
I'm not getting my copy until tomorrow afternoon! Goddam it!

I've heard most of the songs from it though, and my faves are Disconnect, Promises and 1000 Times Goodbye. The best song on the album is probably Dread and The Fugitive Mind, which is in my top 3 'Deth songs of all time.