This could ONLY happen to me........


Apr 14, 2001
I dont need Sydo to help make a fool of myself, as you are about to see........

Today I got sent an email from saying that someone on there had registered my email on there and that they had a crush on me, now, i signed up to find out who it was that had a "crush" on me, like anyone would, right???

So I do that, and it says, we dont tell you who it is unless you put their email into it, so, figuring it obviously has to be someone from the list of email addresses in my account, i just whack them all in.

Now, just as a lesson folks ALWAYS read things CAREFULLY.

It then does nothing, so I still dont know who has a crush on me (Im pretty sure now that its a piss take from someone as noone outside my email list has my address as far as I know so someone is obviously trying to make a HUGE fool otu of me and has succeeded VERY well!).

THEN i read the FAQ and it tells me that ALL the addresses I put in are going to get an email from saying I have a crush on them.......ALL of them! (so people ive gotten iced earth vids from, people ive bought cds from.....guys, girls........!)
Ive spent the last half an hour writing to people to explain, they must all think im utterly mad now.
*Why oh why does this kind of thing only happen to me?*

So if anyone here gets one (I dont know if any of you were in the address list I had), please ignore it! This kind of thing only happens to me, so Ive been through all the usual emotions.
Shock :OMG: Confusion :confused: Anger :mad: and finally the funny(ish side) :)

What a pain in the arse. :s

My god, this would be so hilarious if it wasnt happening to me im sure :D
The next time some web-trolling email bot sends you a message pretending that someone has sent you a love letter so you will visit their waste of bandwidth website, use your "delete" function to send it where it needs to go...


That happened to me too!!!
But guess what, the people who get it sent to them just get one saying "Someone has a crush on you", doesn't say its you, they have to guess also.

It turned out that a girl I already knew likes me sent it to me, lol... but then i sent one to about 15 chicks I know :( Hahaha

The most embarassing thing if they find out its you and read the thing, is that it looks like you think they have a crush on you when the chances of that are none haha.
Well why didnt either of you warn me! :lol: I found out who it was, it was all a mistake :lol: