Timo and Jani Acustic Gigs


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Nov 7, 2009
Lima, Perú
Some vids that I found on the Stratovarius forum, enjoy :headbang:



Behind blue eyes

Shot in the Dark

Hunting high and Low

Long live Rock n Roll

Living on a Prayer

Black Diamond

I'm glad to see them together :worship:

ps: thx to Kmasters
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i adore acoustic songs... awesome version of Bon Jovi & Limd Bizkit :D
yeah i've seen it all :)
amazing guitar talent jani, who really should start vocaling in CO instead of timo, no offence against timo, but jani is a better choise for the band instead of timo.
ofcourse if you will hear the goodness of jani's singing in his project duet band Sydanpuu.
he really stands out with his vocal sounds, really should think about replacing timo for the next album :)