Too many Opeth shirts?

Today when I though about it I just realised I probably have a reasonable number of Opeth shirts. Currently my Opeth wardrobe consists of:

-Blackwater park shirt
-Deliverance shirt
-2006 world tour shirt
-2006 world tour long sleeve
-Ghost Reveries shirt
-Watershed tour 2008 shirt
-Watershed tour 2008 hoodie

And I've just bought one of those first release limited edition shirts. That's more than 1 a day for a week! Not that I really wanna wear an Opeth shirt EVERYDAY of the week. I have a stack of other band tshirts that I like to get good use out of and as a result some of the O shirts rarely get worn. So at 8 shirts I'm starting to think "Do I have too many?" There are still a bunch of really cool shirts out there I want, and I wanna keep all the ones I own, but I have to stop and think "How much is too much!?"

I'm sure more of you are undoubtedly in the same boat. So what do you guys think? What's the O shirt count here? And do you think there is there such a thing as too many Opeth shirts? :loco:
I have 3, the 2008 Watershed Tour shirt, the band photo circa Ghost Reveries, and the Viva Hate vinyl box set shirt (which I actually wear a lot, even though its super limited).
I have
-a shirt from the last aus tour,
-a hoodie from the last tour
-an opeth deliverance shirt
-still life still death
-ghost revries

a not too bad collection.

I wear each a fair bit, but i also have the mock the cross shirt and ieousos one.
i have like 4, but i dont wear them as much, i get new shirts now and again and the oldest ones tend to get moved to the backburner
I haven't yet seen an Opeth shirt I liked (sorry). I'm just not into that kind of bandshirts.

this is my favourite band shirt of all times, by far:

I have 5 FF shirts just cause of the awesomeness of them.

I would like a conan shirt though, just too lazy to make one.

edit: sorry if I went OT.
I've got:
bwp hoodie
lamentations tour shirt
some other tour shirt
pest through the air long sleeve
still life t-shirt
really old candlelight issued long sleeve orchid shirt

I feel like I am missing some. I've also lost a couple due to ex-girlfriends.
- One where it simply is written OPETH and has the band in background.
- One from Ghost Reveries, with the candles, if I remember.

That's it. And enough for now. Through I would like to get some other nice T-shirts from them!
metal band shirts, as a rule, are awful looking. anything where the design is huge and garish and takes up the whole front of the shirt is gonna make you look like a retard