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This list is still in the preliminary stages, as there are several albums out that I've yet to hear. So far, though, this is a very weak list. There are many albums released in 2001 that didn't make that year's list that are better than most of the albums here. Mark my words, though -- by mid-year, half of these albums will be replaced by albums I haven't had a chance to review yet. (no votes yet -- voting will be enabled soon)
1. Opeth Deliverance
2. Isis Oceanic
3. Red Harvest Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
4. ... And Oceans Cypher
5. Satyricon Volcano
6. Arcturus The Sham Mirrors
7. Madder Mortem Deadlands
8. Ram-Zet Escape
9. Agalloch The Mantle
10. Atrox Terrestrials



BNR Internet
After a few years without a clear Best Of The Year album for me personally, 2001 brings two. Neurosis and Hollenthon are far ahead of the field and two of the best albums of the last five years at least. 2001 is a marked improvement over 2000, as several other very good albums (by Finntroll, Green Carnation, Enslaved, and Manilla Road, for example) barely missed making the list, and probably could have made last year's list. Several surprises here. Kreator had been faltering for years, but "Violent Revolution" has proven a worthy comeback. Opeth has had underground support for a little while now, and has finally started to received more mainstream notice. Finally, System Of A Down marks a rare nu-metal appearance, also a surprise as nu-metal has typically not been the choice of BNR readers.
1. Neurosis A Sun That Never Sets
1. Iced Earth The Horror Show

2. Hollenthon With Vilest of Worms To Dwell
2. Slayer God Hates Us All

3. Sigh Imaginary Sonicscape
3. System Of A Down Toxicity

4. Opeth Blackwater Park
4. Kreator Violent Revolution

5. Green Carnation Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness
5. Opeth Blackwater Park

6. Bal-Sagoth Atlantis Ascendant
6. Megadeth The World Needs A Hero

7. Dismal Euphony Python Zero
7. Slipknot Iowa

8. System Of A Down Toxicity
8. Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

9. Tristania World Of Glass
9. Children Of Bodom Follow The Reaper

10. Virgin Black Sombre Romantic
10. Tool Lateralus



BNR Internet
A somewhat odd set of albums here, with no clear favorite and the latter third a bit on the weak side for a top ten list. Two big comeback albums are miles ahead of the pack.
1. Holocaust The Courage To Be
1. Iron Maiden Brave New World

2. Queens Of The Stone Age Rated R
2. Halford Resurrection

3. Apollyon Sun Sub
3. Nevermore Dead Heart In A Dead World

4. Spiral Architect A Sceptic's Universe
4. Pantera Reinventing The Steel

5. Alchemist Organasm
5. In Flames Clayman

6. The Gathering if_then_else
6. Cradle Of Filth Midian

7. Forgotten Silence Ka Ba Ach
7. Helloween The Dark Ride

8. Spiritual Beggars Ad Astra
8. Demons & Wizards Demons & Wizards

9. Theatre Of Tragedy Musique
9. HammerFall Renegade

10. Atrocity Gemini
10. Symphony X V



BNR Internet
Yet another year that has improved with some late additions, and another year with quality but no clear #1. And of course, there's again almost no overlap with the Internet list. Oh well ... For some reason, this list seems much less imaginative than recent years, with far too many bands apparently here just on reputation.
1. Notre Dame Le Theatre Du Vampire
1. Testament The Gathering

2. Tristania Beyond The Veil
2. Nevermore Dreaming Neon Black

3. Candlemass From The 13th Sun
3. Machine Head The Burning Red

4. Root The Book
4. Overkill Necroshine

5. Tal Dorgar Zero To Nowhere
5. Mercyful Fate 9

6. Sigh Scenario IV: Dread Dreams
6. Slipknot Slipknot

7. Slipknot Slipknot
7. In Flames Colony

8. Neurosis Times Of Grace
8. Gamma Ray Powerplant

9. The Lord Weird Slough Feg Twilight Of The Idols
9. Megadeth Risk

10. Witchery Dead, Hot And Ready
10. Amorphis Tuonela



BNR Internet
As is typical in recent years, my top ten have practically nothing in common with the Internet's top ten. Another year with no clear #1, and several good (rather than great) albums. Nice to see some old friends with strong comebacks, though (Hades, Candlemass). Not many surprises (except Iron Maiden, arguably a vote for the band rather than the album), as power metal, mostly of the Euro variety, has the upper hand here.
1. The Gathering How To Measure A Planet?
1. Iced Earth Something Wicked This Way Comes

2. Theatre Of Tragedy Aegis
2. Slayer Diabolus In Musica

3. Opera IX Sacro Culto
3. Fear Factory Obsolete

4. Hades $avior$elf
4. Bruce Dickinson Chemical Wedding

5. Witchery Restless & Dead
5. Death The Sound Of Perseverance

6. System Of A Down System Of A Down
6. Cradle Of Filth Cruelty And The Beast

7. Candlemass Dactylis Glomerata
7. Helloween Better Than Raw

8. Bal-Sagoth Battle Magic
8. Blind Guardian Nightfall In Middle Earth

9. Queens Of The Stone Age Queens Of The Stone Age
9. HammerFall Legacy Of Kings

10. Spiritual Beggars Mantra III
10. Iron Maiden Virtual XI



BNR Internet
Tiamat's "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber" received wildly conflicting reviews, some noting as one of the best releases of the year, others finding it unmetallic and worthless. I'll opt for the former opinion. The original version of the list below was on the weak side, but recent additions such as Ocean Machine, Alchemist, and Dismal Euphony have improved the overall quality, making 1997 a good metal year. Bruce's strong showing here was one of the biggest surprises of my entire poll -- that is, until I actually heard a song or two.
1. Tiamat A Deeper Kind Of Slumber
1. Megadeth Cryptic Writings

2. Kong Earmined
2. Bruce Dickinson Accident Of Birth

3. The Gathering Nighttime Birds
3. Judas Priest Jugulator

4. Holocaust Covenant
4. Machine Head The More Things Change

5. Voivod Phobos
5. The Gathering Nighttime Birds

6. Alchemist Spiritech
6. Stratovarius Visions

7. Ocean Machine Biomech
7. Gamma Ray Somewhere Out In Space

8. Spastic Ink Ink Complete
8. Entombed To Ride, Shoot Straight, And Speak ...

9. Red Tide Themes Of The Cosmic Consciousness
9. HammerFall Glory To The Brave

10. Dismal Euphony Autumn Leaves - The Rebellion Of Tides
10. In Flames Whoracle



BNR Internet
Many good albums, not one clear favorite. Edge Of Sanity and Pan-Thy-Monium mark two extremely rare death metal appearances in a BNR Top Ten list. Again, a more varied mix of styles here than in years past.
1. Thought Industry Outer Space Is Just A Martini Away
1. Sepultura Roots

2. Neurosis Through Silver In Blood
2. Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill

3. Grotus Mass
3. Moonspell Irreligious

4. Edge Of Sanity Crimson
4. Amorphis Elegy

5. Crisis Deathshead Extermination
5. Therion Theli

6. Pan-Thy-Monium Khaoohs & Kon-Fus-Ion
6. Tool Aenima

7. Ministry Filth Pig
7. Cradle Of Filth Dusk ... And Her Embrace

8. Therion Theli
8. Iced Earth The Dark Saga

9. Lethargy It's Hard To Write With A Little Hand
9. Type O Negative October Rust

10. The 3rd And The Mortal Painting On Glass
10. Metallica Load



BNR Internet
My favorite band of the 90's, and a band that apparently no one has ever heard of, finally get a Best-Of-Year vote. Two excellent bands, Coroner and Kyuss, close their careers on high notes. Diversity in metal is now more apparent, as prog metal, traditional metal, and near-death metal are all well represented.
1. Kong Push Comes To Shove
1. Fear Factory Demanufacture

2. Grip Inc. Power Of Inner Strength
2. Death Symbolic

3. The Gathering Mandylion
3. Moonspell Wolfheart

4. Coroner Coroner
4. Anthrax Stomp 442

5. Kyuss And The Circus Left Town
5. Blind Guardian Imaginations From The Other Side

6. Zeni Geva Freedom Bondage
6. Savatage Dead Winter Dead

7. Moonspell Wolfheart
7. Dream Theater A Change Of Seasons

8. Geezer Plastic Planet
8. Iced Earth Burnt Offerings

9. MonumentuM In Absentia Christi
9. Paradise Lost Draconian Times

10. Therion Lepaca Kliffoth
10. Gamma Ray Land Of The Free



BNR Internet
Once considered a relatively weak year, 1994's list below has aged pretty well, with "Mosquito" and "Tears Laid In Earth" both easily among the best of the 90's. "Frost" is perhaps the first true black metal album to make it to my top ten list. "Youthanasia" seems to be a stretch here, as it's hardly Megadeth's best and there are better/more influential albums here. Dream Theater sticks out like a sore thumb amongst a sea of mostly thrash (new and old styled) albums.
1. Psychotic Waltz Mosquito
1. Megadeth Youthanasia

2. The 3rd And The Mortal Tears Laid In Earth
2. Slayer Divine Intervention

3. Tiamat Wildhoney
3. Amorphis Tales From The Thousand Lakes

4. Kyuss Welcome To Sky Valley
4. Pantera Far Beyond Driven

5. Korn Korn
5. Machine Head Burn My Eyes

6. The God Machine One Last Laugh In A Place Of Dying
6. Testament Low

7. Prong Cleansing
7. Dream Theater Awake

8. Enslaved Frost
8. Tiamat Wildhoney

9. Lord Bane Age Of Elegance
9. Carcass Heartwork

10. Mekong Delta Visions Fugitive
10. Nailbomb Point Blank



BNR Internet
Something about the quirky band known as The God Machine struck a chord with me. "Scenes From The Second Storey" was the very first album I bought in 1993 (after knowing very little about the band), but it still stands the test of time. Overall, this isn't a great year. With five or six bands here being either full-on death metal bands or at least with significant death influences, 1993 seems to herald the peak of the death metal genre. Cynic, an underground gem, is really a surprise here.
1. The God Machine Scenes From The Second Storey
1. Sepultura Chaos A.D.

2. Coroner Grin
2. Death Individual Thought Patterns

3. Anacrusis Screams And Whispers
3. Anthrax Sound Of White Noise

4. Thought Industry Mods Carve The Pig
4. Morbid Angel Covenant

5. Neurosis Enemy Of The Sun
5. Paradise Lost Icon

6. Primus Pork Soda
6. Cynic Focus

7. Grotus Slow Motion Apocalypse
7. Type O Negative Bloody Kisses

8. Zeni Geva Desire For Agony
8. Tool Undertow

9. The Beyond Chasm
9. Savatage Edge Of Thorns

10. Pitchshifter Desensitized
10. Entombed Wolverine Blues



BNR Internet
The best year of the nineties thus far. Neurosis, a band I almost dismissed on first listen, releases a landmark album, probably among my top ten of all time. With Kong, Thought Industry, Holocaust, and The Beyond, 1992 marks a good year for progressive metal. Fear Factory is a bit of a surprise, as debut albums rarely show well on the Internet Top Ten lists. Otherwise, pretty much what one might expect.
1. Neurosis Souls At Zero
1. Pantera Vulgar Display Of Power

2. Kong Phlegm
2. Megadeth Countdown To Extinction

3. Celtic Frost Parched With Thirst I Am ...
3. Alice In Chains Dirt

4. Kyuss Blues For The Red Sun
4. Dream Theater Images And Words

5. Thought Industry Songs For Insects
5. Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark

6. Non-Fiction In The Know
6. Ministry Psalm 69

7. Holocaust Hypnosis Of Birds
7. Black Sabbath Dehumanizer

8. My Dying Bride As The Flower Withers
8. Testament The Ritual

9. The Beyond Crawl
9. Manowar Triumph Of Steel

10. Pitchshifter Submit
10. Fear Factory Soul Of A New Machine



BNR Internet
I have been flamed for nominating Primus for another Best Album. "Sailing The Seas Of Cheese" is neither as metallic, nor as good, as "Frizzle Fry", but it was my favorite album of that year, what more can be said? Paradise Lost's "Gothic" album starts the doomdeath genre.
1. Primus Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
1. Sepultura Arise

2. Coroner Mental Vortex
2. Metallica Metallica

3. Fear Of God Within The Veil
3. Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears

4. Pitchshifter Industrial
4. Death Human

5. Anacrusis Manic Impressions
5. Nirvana Nevermind

6. Neurosis The Word Is Law
6. Overkill Horrorscope

7. Non-Fiction Preface
7. Soundgarden Badmotorfinger

8. Paradise Lost Gothic
8. Morbid Angel Blessed Are The Sick

9. Soundgarden Badmotorfinger
9. Corrosion Of Conformity Blind

10. Grotus Brown
10. Metal Church The Human Factor



BNR Internet
Frankly, 1990 wasn't much to write home about -- apart from the debuts by Primus (the only Primus album with significant metal influences) and Kong, the albums here are good but not great.
1. Primus Frizzle Fry
1. Slayer Seasons In The Abyss

2. Kong Mute Poet Vocalizer
2. Megadeth Rust In Peace

3. Slayer Seasons In The Abyss
3. Pantera Cowboys From Hell

4. Celtic Frost Vanity/Nemesis
4. Judas Priest Painkiller

5. Trouble Trouble
5. Anthrax Persistence Of Time

6. Prong Beg To Differ
6. Queensryche Empire

7. Mind Over Four The Goddess
7. Testament Souls Of Black

8. Sanctuary Into The Mirror Black
8. Death Spiritual Healing

9. Mekong Delta Dances Of Death
9. Prong Beg To Differ

10. Psychotic Waltz A Social Grace
10. Entombed Left Hand Path



BNR Internet
An especially influential year, as three bands (Nirvana, Dream Theater, and Godflesh) release albums that would later define new genres in metal. In addition, a NWOBHM favorite, Holocaust, returns with a style that both borrows from their past and pushes towards the future. Here, there are some surprises -- I would not have expected bands like Morbid Angel and Annihilator, however deserving, to make the list.
1. Voivod Nothingface
1. Sepultura Beneath The Remains

2. Godflesh Streetcleaner
2. Testament Practice What You Preach

3. Watchtower Control And Resistance
3. Exodus Fabulous Disaster

4. Annihilator Alice In Hell
4. Annihilator Alice In Hell

5. Dream Theater When Dream And Day Unite
5. Savatage Gutter Ballet

6. Holocaust The Sound Of Souls
6. King Diamond Conspiracy

7. Nirvana Bleach
7. Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness

8. Exodus Fabulous Disaster
8. Metal Church Blessing In Disguise

9. King Diamond Conspiracy
9. Dream Theater When Dream And Day Unite

10. Rage Secrets In A Weird World
10. Voivod Nothingface



BNR Internet
Another fine year in metal, with Mekong Delta, Crimson Glory, and King Diamond hitting their peaks. Three new bands here (Realm, Genocide, Blind Illusion), but none of these would ever again appear on a Top Ten list. Once again, few surprises, as the big boys continue to garner votes. Fates Warning, perhaps, is a bit of a surprise, though certainly well-deserving of a slot here.
1. Mekong Delta The Music Of Erich Zann
1. Metallica ... And Justice For All

2. Slayer South Of Heaven
2. Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

3. King Diamond Them
3. Slayer South Of Heaven

4. Voivod Dimension Hatross
4. Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II

5. Blind Illusion The Sane Asylum
5. Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime

6. Realm Endless War
6. Megadeth So Far, So Good, So What?

7. Crimson Glory Transcendance
7. Testament The New Order

8. Fates Warning No Exit
8. Fates Warning No Exit

9. Genocide Black Sanctuary
9. Manowar Kings Of Metal

10. Hades If At First You Don't Succeed
10. King Diamond Them



BNR Internet
"Abigail" isn't as good as its successor, "Them", but nonetheless it's the best album of 1987. Mekong Delta's debut is the firs of several that would eventually make my Top Ten lists, though in retrospect it isn't a very strong album. Somewhat of a letdown following 1986's list, but there are some seminal albums here, with Death's debut signalling the initial rise of death metal and "Appetite For Destruction", one of the most popular hard rock albums of all time, showing strong as well.
1. King Diamond Abigail
1. Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I

2. Celtic Frost Into The Pandemonium
2. Anthrax Among The Living

3. Pentagram Day Of Reckoning
3. Testament The Legacy

4. Hades Resisting Success
4. Guns'n'Roses Appetite For Destruction

5. Dream Death Journey Into Mystery
5. King Diamond Abigail

6. Mekong Delta Mekong Delta
6. Death Scream Bloody Gore

7. Voivod Killing Technology
7. Overkill Taking Over

8. Agent Steel Unstoppable Force
8. Savatage In The Hall Of The Mountain King

9. Satan Suspended Sentence
9. Candlemass Nightfall

10. Trouble Run To The Light
10. Celtic Frost Into The Pandemonium



BNR Internet
Judging from the albums featured here, it would appear that 1986 is easily one of the finest years in metal. Some may argue that Slayer and Metallica should be higher on this list, and there's no denying the excellence of those two albums, but I found the others here equally brilliant. Watchtower's "Energetic Disassembly" will forever be the standard for technical progressive thrash -- an unparalleled album. The Internet appears to agree with me that 1986 is an outstanding year in metal. Hard to argue, given this list.
1. Watchtower Energetic Disassembly
1. Metallica Master Of Puppets

2. Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
2. Slayer Reign In Blood

3. King Diamond Fatal Portrait
3. Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time

4. Fates Warning Awaken The Guardian
4. Megadeth Peace Sells ...

5. Metallica Master Of Puppets
5. Fates Warning Awaken The Guardian

6. Sacred Blade Of The Sun And Moon
6. Kreator Pleasure To Kill

7. Manilla Road The Deluge
7. Queensryche Rage For Order

8. Crimson Glory Crimson Glory
8. King Diamond Fatal Portrait

9. Megadeth Peace Sells ...
9. Metal Church The Dark

10. Slayer Reign In Blood
10. Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Sin



BNR Internet
Several great albums but no clear favorite. "The Spectre Within" is only the third best Fates Warning, but the only one to win Best Album. For several bands on this list (Exodus, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Manilla Road), the best was yet to come. Thrash starts taking hold now, with three-fourths of the Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax) beginning to hit their stride.
1. Fates Warning The Spectre Within
1. Slayer Hell Awaits

2. Slayer Hell Awaits
2. Exodus Bonded By Blood

3. Trouble The Skull
3. Iron Maiden Live After Death

4. Blessed Death Kill Or Be Killed
4. Megadeth Killing Is My Business ...

5. Exodus Bonded By Blood
5. Celtic Frost To Mega Therion

6. Artillery Fear Of Tomorrow
6. Anthrax Spreading The Disease

7. Piledriver Metal Inquisition
7. Fates Warning The Spectre Within

8. Celtic Frost To Mega Therion
8. Helloween Walls Of Jericho

9. Havoc The Grip
9. Armored Saint Delirious Nomad

10. Manilla Road Open The Gates
10. Yngwie Malmsteen Marching Out



BNR Internet
Manowar's finest hour, as both albums were high Top Ten entries and "Hail To England" narrowly missed being best of the year. Venom's "At War With Satan" is not their best, and on retrospect is a rather odd pick. America records a majority of the Top Tens for the first time ever. No real surprises here, except perhaps the inclusion of an EP (Slayer). Otherwise, this is a fine representation of the best of mid-eighties metal.
1. Trouble Psalm 9
1. Metallica Ride The Lightning

2. Manowar Hail To England
2. Iron Maiden Powerslave

3. Metal Church Metal Church
3. Mercyful Fate Don't Break The Oath

4. Metallica Ride The Lightning
4. Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith

5. Manowar Sign Of The Hammer
5. Manowar Sign Of The Hammer

6. Jag Panzer Ample Destruction
6. Queensryche The Warning

7. Mercyful Fate Don't Break The Oath
7. Celtic Frost Morbid Tales

8. Helstar Burning Star
8. Slayer Haunting The Chapel

9. Brocas Helm Into Battle
9. Dio The Last In Line

10. Venom At War With Satan
10. Manowar Hail To England



BNR Internet
Metallica's infamous "No Life Til Leather" demo had been circulating for about a year, and their debut album was eagerly anticipated. "Kill 'Em All" did not disappoint. With the NWOBHM dying out, other new bands from several countries took up the slack. All nine of the bands featured here debuted in 1983, thus there was great hope for long careers for these bands. The long-term results, as one can see, are mixed.
1. Metallica Kill 'Em All
1. Metallica Kill 'Em All

2. Mercyful Fate Melissa
2. Iron Maiden Piece Of Mind

3. Savatage Sirens
3. Mercyful Fate Melissa

4. Culprit Guilty As Charged
4. Slayer Show No Mercy

5. Acid Acid
5. Dio Holy Diver

6. Oz Fire In The Brain
6. Def Leppard Pyromania

7. Raven All For One
7. Savatage Sirens

8. Satan Jokers Les Files Du Metal
8. Black Sabbath Born Again

9. Warlord Deliver Us
9. Motorhead Another Perfect Day

10. Acid Maniac
10. Accept Balls To The Wall



BNR Internet
My all-time favorite band, Legend, releases their second (and finest) album. Sadly, it was to be their last. England still dominates the charts, but now with only five of the Top Ten albums -- the NWOBHM is fading.
1. Legend Death In The Nursery
1. Iron Maiden Number Of The Beast

2. Iron Maiden Number Of The Beast
2. Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance

3. Accept Restless And Wild
3. Scorpions Blackout

4. Witchfinder General Death Penalty
4. Manowar Battle Hymns

5. Loudness Devil Soldier
5. Motorhead Iron Fist

6. Heavy Load Death Or Glory
6. Accept Restless And Wild

7. Manowar Battle Hymns
7. Anvil Metal On Metal

8. Barón Rojo Volumen Brutal
8. Raven Wiped Out

9. Motorhead Iron Fist
9. Riot Restless Breed

10. Raven Wiped Out
10. Tank Filth Hounds Of Hades



BNR Internet
With seven British albums in the top ten, the NWOBHM remains strong.
1. Iron Maiden Killers
1. Iron Maiden Killers

2. Raven Rock Until You Drop
2. Ozzy Osbourne Diary Of A Madman

3. Legend Legend
3. Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz

4. Holocaust The Nightcomers
4. Black Sabbath The Mob Rules

5. Gaskin End Of The World
5. Rush Moving Pictures

6. Cirith Ungol Frost And Fire
6. Venom Welcome To Hell

7. Venom Welcome To Hell
7. Judas Priest Point Of Entry

8. Ocean Ocean
8. Riot Fire Down Under

9. Riot Fire Down Under
9. Motorhead No Sleep 'til Hammersmith

10. Tygers Of Pan Tang Spellbound
10. Raven Rock Until You Drop



BNR Internet
The debuts by Def Leppard and Iron Maiden sparked my interest in underground metal, and my life has never been the same since. A clean sweep for England here -- the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) is born.
1. Motorhead Ace Of Spades
1. Iron Maiden Iron Maiden

2. Samson Head On
2. Judas Priest British Steel

3. Tygers Of Pan Tang Wild Catz
3. AC/DC Back In Black

4. Quartz Stand Up And Fight
4. Motorhead Ace Of Spades

5. Angel Witch Angel Witch
5. Black Sabbath Heaven And Hell

6. Judas Priest British Steel
6. Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz

7. Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
7. Saxon Wheels Of Steel

8. Def Leppard On Through The Night
8. Saxon Strong Arm Of The Law

9. Saxon Strong Arm Of The Law
9. Def Leppard On Through The Night

10. Saxon Wheels Of Steel
10. Scorpions Animal Magnetism



BNR Internet
1979 is more or less the first year I started listening to metal. Several of my favorites from that time (Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Rush) appear on earlier lists, since metallically speaking) they had peaked earlier.
1. Motorhead Overkill
1. AC/DC Highway To Hell

2. Scorpions Lovedrive
2. Motorhead Bomber

3. Motorhead Bomber
3. Judas Priest Unleashed In The East

4. Judas Priest Unleashed In The East
4. Van Halen Van Halen II

5. Diamond Head Lightning To The Nations
5. Riot Narita

6. Riot Narita
6. Motorhead Overkill

7. Accept Accept
7. Diamond Head Lightning To The Nations

8. Van Halen Van Halen II
8. Scorpions Lovedrive

9. AC/DC Highway To Hell
9. UFO Strangers In The Night

10. Blue Oyster Cult Mirrors
10. Kiss Dynasty



BNR Internet
"Stained Class" is my top-rated album of all time -- a true masterpiece.
1. Judas Priest Stained Class
1. Judas Priest Stained Class

2. Judas Priest Hell Bent For Leather
2. Van Halen Van Halen

3. Black Sabbath Never Say Die
3. AC/DC Powerage

4. Van Halen Van Halen
5. Ted Nugent Weekend Warrior
6. 6.
7. 7.
8. 8.
9. 9.
10. 10.



BNR Internet
Looking back, 1977 appears to be a mighty weak year for metal. None of these albums deserve "best of the year" honors.
1. Judas Priest Sin After Sin
1. Judas Priest Sin After Sin

2. Scorpions Taken By Force
2. Motorhead Motorhead

3. Quartz Quartz
3. Kiss Rock And Roll Over

4. Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy
4. Rush All The World's A Stage

5. Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever
5. Black Sabbath Technical Ecstasy

6. 6.
7. 7.
8. 8.
9. 9.
10. 10.



BNR Internet

1. Rush 2112
1. Rush 2112

2. Scorpions Virgin Killer
2. Judas Priest Sad Wings Of Destiny

3. Aerosmith Rocks
3. Rainbow Rising

4. 4. Aerosmith Rocks

5. 5. Kiss Destroyer

6. 6.
7. 7.
8. 8.
9. 9.
10. 10.