Toronto - 01/24/03 Review

EXCELLENT post. I almost felt like I was there. No doubt about it - they are that damn good. It's an experience I'll never forget - musically and that overall concert feeling.
Alright, this is going to be a really short post. I turned 21 two days ago and I'm about to head out to a pub for the birthday party. My Opeth story is pretty cool, but I haven't got the time right now. I'll follow up with a longer post tomorrow.

SFall - I was indeed on the streetcar, wearing a bandana, green sweater and big knapsack... sound familiar?

Duvall - great to meet you last night, and glad you managed to get the photo pass. You didn't bring the Ilford film to a C-41 lab, did you? That stuff needs to be processed with real black & white chemicals... C-41 will kill it. Anyway, looking forward to seeing your shots, especially the candid you took of me and Peter backstage :D

I got some great photos, but don't have time to put them online right now... will get them up tomorrow. In the meantime, some teasers:





And the man that made it all happen...


And I'm off. More to follow...
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[Edit: Did anyone else noticed that terribly fat kid in the Pantera shirt who kept ramming into everybody? He was such an annoying asshole! I laughed my ass off when he fell on the floor... haha...
lol, that was fucking hilarious
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thank you!

I wish I could have met a few more people from UM though..

From your post, it seems like you're the guy I talked to in the backstage area (regarding using your candid pics. for my web-page). I never seen anyone so star struck before! :)

To golgotha85: Booing at a band is unacceptable. There were a bunch of people looking for the idiots shouting that crap, and had they found them, it would not have been pretty. I had a strong mind to join in too. How fucking old are you?

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I also caught Martin's drumstick! I'm so awesome!
I was the tall guy.......I was wearing a Crown shirt but then I bought an Opeth shirt.....

Lucky for getting that stick dude! Oh yea, and you are tall, I saw you as I was leaving, you were standing in the lobby talking to some people and you had that stick and I assumed it was one of Martin's. Small world, hehe.

..not so much star-struck as unable to get a word in without sounding like a twit ;)

WrthChild: I had two rolls of XP2, one Fuji 800 and the Delta you gave me. I know which ones go where, don't worry :D
Duvall: good stuff, I was pretty sure that you got them to the right labs, I'm just really paranoid about film-mixing (on my first day at a photo lab job a few months ago, some guy handed me a couple of rolls of Fuji Neopan 1600 and asked "do you guys do these here?" - I said sure, threw them into the C-41 machines and... well, I got yelled at really badly later on)

Anyway, getting to work on my Opeth photos right now. Hopefully I'll have stuff online by mid-afternoon.
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btw. it was a pleasure meeting you WrthChild! \m/

Dude! Good meeting you too! And sorry for jabbing you when I was trying to push away crowdsurfers. I'm not sure if you noticed, but one of the security guys left halfway during the show (said he felt really sick or something) and so I took it upon myself to fill in :D Hope you didn't get too badly crushed against that guardrail.