Touring Europe

We are working on it, and were supposed to be on a big tour currently going through Europe. That did not happen though, but we are exploring other opportunities.

hmm......Monstrosity will start touring (w/Dark Disciple) on the 1st of May and just today a change in the tourplan was announced that on the 4th they would be playing in Osnabrück and not in Frankfurt......which so far has nothing to do with Lunaris of course but on the website of the local organizer Lunaris are suddenly added to the billing. wtf?
I have been in touch with the Burning Stage guys, and they got this info from the Monstrosity booking agency. We`re checking now how and why they put us on the bill, as we have never heard anything about this ourselves.


unfortnately I do not think that will happen very soon. We aim to take one step at a time, doing a national and European tour support of "Cyclic, before starting work on the new album. USA is not planned until after this release, but you never know in this business...

*still waiting*

well, with the festival season coming up I don't see much happening until the end of summer.....but what about Sept/Oct???? EARACHE........HELL-O!!! A tour for these guys please!