TRASHCAN - Brutal Death/Groove Metal


Sep 23, 2011
the Netherlands




Trashcan = Dutch brutal death/groove Metal

Check them out !


We're a four man formation called TrashCan from Leiden and surroundings.

Vocals - Henk-Jan Langejans.
Guitars - Rick den Hollander.
Bass - Niels Nieuwenhuizen
Drums - Istvan Timmermans

Our formation was completed at the end of 2009 and we started touring in the beginning of 2010, setting the goal to at least 20 gigs in our first year.

Our sound is a mix of Thrash, Groove and Death Metal, characterized by cunning riffs, brutal basslines in combination with brutal grunts and screams as well as pounding drums. We've been inspired by bands such as Black Label Society, Lamb of God, Pantera and Metallica, spiced up with a slight flavour of Soilwork, All that Remains and Slayer.

Our shows are full of energy where hair's flying around, grunts directly in your face and alot of interaction with the crowd. We make sure that our shows are unforgettable and always inviting to go wild.
In past shows we've played together with bands like: Ethereal, Gnadab, Last Breath Denied, Warmaster, New Rebel Chapter One on One, Pound, The machete massacre, Nailgun Massacre and many more.

Now in 2011 they are ready to record their debut EP and they`re gonna explode on stage !

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