Tretiy Rim (translated as The Third Rome) - Heavy/Progressive metal from Russia

Tretiy Rim

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Hello guys!

We would like to introduce our music to you.
Our band was formed in 2002 and now we have 3 albums released, the third one was released few days ago :)

Here is the video clip we made last year

The first album "Liholetye Bezmolviya" (should be translated as "The Hard Times of Silence")

The second album "Dvizhenye Vpered" (should be translated as "A Move Forward")

The third album "O Drugoy Storone" (should be translated as "About the Other Side") is available now on iTunes only

If you like a something we do please visit us on Facebook

Hope you enjoy our music!

Rock on! :headbang:
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If you mean the lyrics in video it's about those people from some frames which prefer the phantom drug world instead of reality. Theirs life is short and you can even do not notice they are exist. That's why the song's name sounds as "Nikto ne zametil" and can be translated as "Nobody has noticed". Hope I explain well :)
One more video clip will be available soon!

I checked your music as well. Very good! :)