Tyrant - Freaks Of Nature


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Tyrant - Freaks Of Nature
Tyrantula - 2000
By Van Alan

Originally formed in 1983, this Tyrant has nothing to do with the American band that released albums including Legions Of The Dead on Metal Blade records in 1985. Instead, this Tyrant represents a rollicking hard rock establishment out of Australia from a nostalgic AC/DC and Helix mold. They released a cassette titled Never Too Loud in '84 before calling it a day in late 1986. Freaks Of Nature is Tyrant's hope for resurgence with ten new songs while the final four selections are new versions of the 4 classic anthems from Never Too Loud. The music represents the best of the 80s rock 'n' roll decade with 100% loud and abrasive metal.

The dominating lyrical phrase from the title-track chants "No longer cool, we're considered out of fashion. Ten years later you know we still got the passion!" Well, It has been more than ten years but I have no doubt about Tyrant's passion. As the songs pass by you get a spectrum of rock from the Kiss leanings on 'Dressed To Kill', the Cult influenced 'Feelings', and the Tattoo, Quiet Riot and W.A.S.P. tinged power chords emancipated on 'Love Child'. The bonus tracks also make a great treat giving newcomers, like me, the ability to hear Tyrant’s roots. Despite the simple album art, I think the front cover should've been abandoned leaving the back collage for the front, Freaks Of Nature is a nostalgic example of what hard rock should be. "Well give me THUNDER & STEEL" and give me Tyrant!