ug boots

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I think you all need to move to Qld where you don't need to wear that stuff haha....

Are pink sheepskin slippers that fold over at the ankles considered ug boots? ;)

Tania, I can't imagine those slippers. Care to show me sometime :p

It would be nice to be in QLD's warmth. Its too cold here.. my toes are freezing and my nose is numb :rolleyes:
I did unfortunatly get it! Maybe we should buy that domain name and declaire ourselves nerds for life Tim
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I think the hippie thongs were an issue a few months later Kem... unfortunately I must have missed it... what were your turn-ons and turn-offs?? ;) :lol:

I got that one - that was nearly as hot as the sheepskin issue!

I believe Kem's turn-ons were bushwalking, long walks along the beach, country drives and meeting people and her turn-offs were people who are mean to small animals. The thing she would most like is World Peace.... Well, that's what it says next to the centerfold of her left foot anyway! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Is it just me or has this joke gone just a tad too far now? HAHA!)