Ultimate Metal welcomes prog masters Shadow Gallery!

Bit late, but welcome :) Imma be at PPEU, part of the furniture there nowadays. Be sure to come drink a beer (or whatever else you wish to drink, the fins will surely bring whiskey, rum and all sorts of other alcoholic beverages, as well as sodas :p ) with us at the after-after parties at the castle or at one of the afterparties at the venue.

See you guys there and have a blast here with us on the UM boards. I'll be frequenting this forum from now on to check up on all sorts of stuff :)
Welcome! I love you guys. In fact I've been using the "Tyranny" cover as my avatar since I created my account. :)
That is really nice to see a SG section here :wave: but I also wonder what will become of the official Shadow Gallery forum that's been running on since late 2004 ?