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Jim LotFP

The Keeper of Metal
Jun 7, 2001
Helsinki, Finland

With the weekly format, I'm always looking for good unsigned bands to get in there and interview (and kill space, ha ha ha)...

So come on, recommendations and links so I can go bug them... :)
Originally posted by OpethianSoul
Lilitu! I cannot take Memorial out of my cd player. Jim, you should definitely interview these guys.

I already have twice.

But hmmm, mentally I was thinking to myself I interviewed them after getting a Memorial advance... but it was just guitars... in 2000!!! EEK

I'm due! They're due! aahhh!
www.solacedenied.com great band simillar BUT different to Opeth, check out their Mp3 samples.

also www.gutworm.com really good band, especialy live, theyve got voted as best unsigned band i think and have got great reviews from magazines:

"oh man.. I cant believe Gutworm are British and unsigned"
9/10 - demo review - Metal Hammer

"The BEST unsigned band I've heard!"
9/10 - Insight

"Quality just oozes from this demo!"
9/10 - B.U.M.P.
Assisting Sorrow play Melodic Death Metal with Power Progressive Influences! Our influences include Iron Maiden, Coroner, Death, Atheist, Morbid Angel, Helstar, Dissection, early Atrocity, King Diamond, Forbidden, Just to name a few. For upcoming news, shows, etc., go to the Assisting Sorrow website at:

Also if you want to check out a couple of songs go to :
Assisting Sorrow songs
Check out our shit & let us know what you think! We have new material coming out very soon! And dont forget to sign the Guestbook!
email me at:chrisorrow@aol.com
Local band: Inhuman Visions-insanely technical death metal from LA.

other band:Quo Vadis (on some small independant, so I'll include them)

Also: Thunderstone, from Finland, though I heard a rumor they just got picked up by Nuclear Blast