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Vanquished is the latest promo I got from the Canadian indie label Krankenhaus Records. This time around, it's a dark trio made of two guitar players/ vocalists also sharing the bass duties by the names of Dertah and Grimnyr and a drummer called Warhammer. Hailing from northern Ontario, the guys are proving the black metal arts are also alive down there with a style as respectable as the more exposed European or American areas. Eight compositions hugely inspired by the cold grimness of old school but with a good sound production is what awaits your ears upon listening to Black Northern Storm. With wind, rain and thunder introducing the fast relentless fury of "Ravaging the Shores", the melodic tremolo picking bring a more harmonious aspect in this song closing, as it is the case with all the regular songs, with wind samplings. Track # 8 "Ascendancy of the Boreal Wake" is not only clocking in at 18:38 , which sets it apart from the rest but from 6 minutes into the song, wind, rain and thunder samplings are just there to be heard and give a nice break to your ears. Then a non mentioned piece pops up being a dark instrumental composed on the piano including nice atmospheric keyboards and a gong. Give this piece a name guys 'cause it's great!

Cold black metal from Canada. Yes!

7.8 / 10
Copies of the full length Vanquished album "Black Northern Storm" are now available at Scrape records (broadway and main, Vancouver B.C)
in Vancouver, this store is the best metal store i have found yet!
lots of rare vinyl,shirts , cds and info on upcoming shows.
You can also find the album at HMV downtown.