Vacation time.

Mr. Hyde

Guitar, Bass
Apr 27, 2001
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Hey, everyone. I'm going on vacation for about a week. I'm going to turn off the music, do a little camping, and spend some time enjoying my family.:)

I've been having a lot of fun jamming with you. I'm learning a lot from this and it's a great outlet for playing some heavy songs that I don't normally have a chance to play with anyone.

I'd like to compliment all of you on the way you give/take criticism
and keep it fun. For the first time in years I feel like I'm making progress as a musician, instead of watching my skills deteriorate.
I'm beginning to be able to play without cringing everytime I record something. :lol: It's been fun.

Cool have a good holiday Mr Hyde.

Im actually going away for a week too. I won't be back until Saturday week. Unfortunatly I haven't had time to send any of those Wasting Love tracks. Sorry Rabs :( I'll try and get them up before I go.

Talk to you guys soon.

have a good one mate!

i'll be off the first 3 weeks in august, cant wait to go to germany and sweden! :D