Vanquished in BW&BK - Knuckletracks CD

David Gold

Son of the Darkest Blues
Feb 20, 2004
No hometown, Ontario.

You can find the title track to Vanquished's first official full length release "Black Northern Storm" at Track #4 on the Knuckletracks sampler CD that comes with this months BW&BK magazine with Satyr from Satyricon on the cover (on shelves until this August).



4) VANQUISHED – ‘Black Northern Storm’ 4:57; from Black Northern Storm (Krankenhaus)
An earth-exploding shower of sparks is at hand when Dertah, Grimnyr and Warhammer assemble and execute their “Northern Ontario Black Metal.” Proving themselves masters of deafening coldness, Vanquished are the real corpse-painted deal. Come hear their symphonies of Satanic sickness.
VANQUISHED - "Black Northern Storm" (Pure Black Metal!!!)

2 MP3 Dowloads here:
"Black Northern Storm"
"The Abyssal Plaine"

Tracklist: "Black Northern Storm"
1. Ravaging The Shores
2. Immemorial
3. Weaving Time In Vain
4. Ruins Of Religious Tradition
5. Black Northern Storm
6. Left Behind
7. The Abyssal Plain
8. Ascendancy Of The Boreal Wake
9. Untitled Bonus

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btw - I dig the new Satyricon and everything for what it is, but for those who were somewhat disapointed and wanting a little more intensity in their black metal, you should check out Vanquished. :kickass:

Thanks guys!

David - \v/