Vehemence-god Was Created Mp3 Released!


Goddess of All
Jan 3, 2002
Hollywood, CA USA
VEHEMENCE 'GOD WAS CREATED' scheduled for release on July 2, 2002 worldwide!
The Extreme Melodic Death Metal band Vehemence from Phoenix, Arizona, have signed a contract deal with Metal Blade Records and are set to release their debut cd 'God Was Created' on 7/2/02. Recognition of this band started immediately when this pressing of 1000 self released discs hit distributors from around the world. The disc circulated and had received great reviews from countries like Japan, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Spain, France, Canada, South America and United States. Vehemence creates music only for the most extreme listeners of metal and seeks to gain more fans, friends, recognition to take the world by storm. Please purchase this disc wherever MBR releases are sold! Evil Dave's Debut color artwork is featured throughout the CD layout. The album was recorded at the Saltmine Studios and Mixed by Juan Urteaga/Mike Blanchard at Trident Studios. This album is a horrific concept album with excellent production, order now!!!!! The Mp3 is also featured at Metalblades website!

Download Vehemence's title track song God Was Created here!