Veil Of Maya - Mikasa (Instrumental Cover Multitracks)


Wilding Studios
Hey guys!

Some more metal stems for ya!
This time it's from the new Veil of Maya album Matriarch.

My guitar skills are average but these DI's are super tight, mainly because I edit like a boss. :loco:
The tempo of these stems match the real song.
Includes guitar DI, and only MIDI for the other instruments.

If you post a mix anywhere, remember to link them to this forum post!

Quick Reference Mix;

Multitrack Download;


Studio page;


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Nice DI's dude! testing X50 by TSE on the guitars

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Thanks for uploading.
Used this to do a test of double track re-amping.
I re-amped the left and right guitars at the same time with:
ts808 to 6505 to rectifier cab to 57 to 1073 left.
EVH 5153 to Marshall 30th anni cab to 57 to 1073 right
Happy with how wide this came out and it took half the time of doing them one at a time :) My Apogee Thunderbolt Ensemble has 2 re-amp outputs.

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Awesome mix and thanks for the DIs! What kick sample is that? Sounds like the "new" Steven Slate kick Joey Sturgis has been using for the last couple of years since Born Of Osiris.
Thanks for Files!

Mixed this quickly

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Thanks for the stems! Your stems are always top notch! Here's my guitar cover of the songs using the stems (Except for guitars)

Not as tight as the original but I didn't want to do any editing on the guitars.

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Sounds so good, what are using for the synth parts?
I am just getting into recording properly and would love stuff like that as a tool.
I am a huge VoM fan so this mix sat very nicely. Would love to hear this treatment with any track from [ID] but with their newer production style to see how much bigger it sounds
Guitar sounds amazing and your playing really well. can you tell me what guitar and pickup you used for these DI tracks?
Many thanks for the great work man! Much appreciated!
Here's my take on the mix.