Jul 26, 2002
We're playing our first outdoor fest for the year this weekend, its going to be a great time and its not far from the city. Hope to see you all out for the show.




This is the 1st Annual VHD-Day and it's going to be held at Bunker Hill Woods, Grove #4. The area is at Touhy and Caldwell. This is going to be a huge bash. We'll have bands with a pro stage/sound, a beer truck (NO GLASS BOTTLES ARE ALLOWED), hot dog cart, moon walk, volleyball, bean bags, horse shoes etc. Anyone can bring their own grill and BBQ if they wish. Porta john/jane will be provided. A $10 donation gets you a cup (to drink all day) and a wristband, donations will be taken at the main table. There will also be a sign in book that we'd like for EVERYONE to sign so we can have info sent out for any future events. The bands should start around 12pm and end at 6pm Bands: Sire, Something Beautiful, Mindwarp Chamber, Slauter Xstroyes , and a Van Halen set, somewhere in between, played by VHD and friends. This is going to be a blast and a rockin' good time....it's kid friendly, so tell everyone you know!!!!!!!!!!!!Music
Yeah we're thinking 3 but it could be + or - 30-40 min dont know for sure. They dont have a stage manager.

Its going to be pretty crowded so getting their earlier isnt a band thing also Something Beautiful is a very cool band so you'd get to see them.
Stupid question perhaps, but what's a moon walk?

They are like those big inflatable things (most likely a castle) that kids jump around in. You see them at a lot of parties where kids are a'plenty.

Next time, Shreddy should play his keyboard in one.
Try keeping time and balance in one of those things!