Virgin Black National Tour

I'll definitely be at the Melbourne show on the 22nd. I only have 'Sombre Romantic' but will pick up the new album soon...

Beautiful stuff.
Hey, if Virgin black want to come to Canberra sometime early next year, ya'll should drop us a line here and I's can help sort soem dates out for ya'll1

And yes: I's am a hopeless SPAMer when it comes to trying to get bands to Canberra, but I's got a business to run.
And that business is METAL!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

The Pimp NeonBlack

And good luck to the guys for the gig!
S. Slaughter said:
Virgin Black were planning on trying to do a show in Canberra. I suggest if you go to their website & contact them and see if they have managed to confirm anything yet. They might appreciate some help with a Canberra show!

Will do, man.
Once my's computer and home phoneline are fixed that is.
The Pimp NeonBlack