Visionary - Visionary (Re-release)


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
Visionary - Visionary (Re-release)
Nightmare Records - 2001
By Mark Bridgeman

This is a re-issue of the Utah act Visionary's debut, which was originally released in 1996, and is now being re-released by Nightmare Records. And what a fine debut it is. This is melodic progressive rock with some seriously catchy hooks.
From 'Enigma', the album's opening track, the album shows its colours as being heavy on the melody, if not the guitar work. This is one thing that irks me about the disc: the guitars, if mixed just a little heavier, would have taken the album to new heights. But, as it is, Visionary is an accomplished effort.

'Another Time, Another Place', with an acoustic opening that that many a band would die to write, is perfect, with vocals to match. 'The Angry One' which follows, appeals to my "catchy rawk" fetish with its great intro which continues on to being a fine performance.

'Eulogy' is one of the tracks that, as mentioned earlier, would benefit from a heavier mix. A good prog-rock performance, that if given that mixing push would have been great.

'Digging Your Own Grave' is perhaps the closes the band get to being metal, with its heavier touch. 'We Fly' is another fine rock track, while 'Only One' slows things down a little, being a solid, piano-led ballad, reminding me of that 80s power ballad whistfullness that groups back then banked on. But this ain't hairspray rock, just a softer moment on an otherwise-rocking disc.

'Friendly Fire', an ode to war and the men who die alone, is a fitting end to the album, with its moody, mid-paced feel. The band were, according to their label's site, due to release a new album last October, but I can find no mention of it. A pity, because if this album is what they sounded like 5 years ago, they would kick arse today.

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