Vital Remains - Dechristianize (for sale)

Poison God

I am the Dog
Oct 24, 2001
New Jersey
Hey guys, I picked up a copy of Vital Remains' Dechristianize yesterday, listened to it, and it just wasn't my thing. I am probably going to put it up on ebay later this afternoon, but before doing that I wanted to see if any Neverheads were interested in buying it from me for $8.00 plus shipping of $2.00 (media mail) in the US only. I picked it up for $14.99. The jewel case, cd, inserts, and slip cover are all in mint condition (I only played the cd once through).

Either post here or leave a personal message for me in my ultimatemetal inbox and I'll give you my mailing address to send payment (either personal check, US money order or well-concealed cash) via a personal message. If I don't hear anything by around 4pm EST today I'll just put it up on eBay and see what happens. Again, I just wanted to see if anyone around here wanted it first. L8rs,

ZANEX said:
Vital Remains has Glen Benton on vocals, correct? Does it sound like Deicide? I may be interested. Please post some more info regarding the sound, production, etc...Cheers

I put it up on eBay. Here is the link:

You may be able to win it for less than the original price I offered!

In any event, it does indeed have Glen Benton on vocals. If you like Deicide you should enjoy this record. Constant blast beats, great production, Benton's usual low vox, and some pretty solid riffage after the blast beats (although my main criticism was that there wasn't more riffage). The lyrics and cover art are laughable but that is to be expected. Again, if you like Deicide this should be for you.

ZANEX said:
Thanks for the info Poison God (Dave). I like some Deicide (Once Upon The Cross, Serpents Of The Light, Insineratehymn). I couldn't get into In Torment In Hell. Anyway, I'll check out the e-bay link. Cheers.

Cool deal. Once Upon the Cross owns.....but I must admit that I am not a huge fan of any of Deicide's other material. In Torment in Hell was horrid. This Vital Remains cd seems to be getting solid reviews on other metal boards and from death metal fans in general. Just too much blast beat drumming for my tastes. It is almost worth it alone for the cover art though.....hilarious. In any event, if you bid on it good luck! L8r,