Wanna hear some killer meta?

Oct 13, 2002
The Womb Of WA
Fresh out of the box, 14 newly added bands ready for sampling in the soundroom.


This round includes:

NOCTUNRAL WINDS "Chaotic Universe Of Mind"
FROM: "Of Art And Suffering"
STYLE: Melodic Death Metal
INFO: Aftermath Music, 2001

TYRANT "Too Late To Pray"
FROM: "Too Late To Pray"
STYLE: Heavy/Power Metal
INFO: Roadrunner Records, 1988

CALES "Wandering Phantom"
FROM: "The Pass In Time"
STYLE: Folk Metal
INFO: Redblack Productions, 2001

BETRAYER "After Death"
FROM: "Calamity"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Morbid Noizz Productions, 1994

FROM: "Mephisto Lettonica"
STYLE: Technical Death Metal
INFO: Scarlet Records, 2000

LAAZ ROCKIT "Fire In The Hole"
FROM: "Annihilation Principle"
STYLE: Thrash Metal
INFO: Enigma Records, 1989

FOREFATHER "Natural Chaos"
FROM: "Deep Into Time"
STYLE: Black/Viking Metal
INFO: Angelisc Enterprises, 2002

WOMBBATH "As Silent As The Grave"
FROM: "Internal Caustic Torments"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Thrash Records, 1993

FIREWIND "Warrior"
FROM: "Between Heaven And Hell"
STYLE: Power Metal
INFO: Massacre Records, 2002

OSIRIS "Mass Termination"
FROM: "Futurity And Human Depressions"
STYLE: Technical Speed/Power Metal
INFO: Shark Records, 1991

CONTEMPT "Blind Eyes Can't Speak"
FROM: "The Secret Around Us"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Empire Records, 2001

FROM: "Shapes Of Spirits"
STYLE: Epic Doom
INFO: Self Released, 2000

NECROLOGY "Malignancy Defined"
FROM: "Malignancy Defined"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Great White North Records, 2000

HAGALAZ RUNEDANCE "The Oath He Swore..."
FROM: "The Winds That Sang Of Midgard's Fate"
STYLE: Folk/Acoustic
INFO: Misanthropy/Elfenblut Records, 1998