Who wants some free metal?

Oct 13, 2002
The Womb Of WA
PATHOLOGY STENCH "Circus Of Humanity"
FROM: "Accion Mutante"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Shindy Productions, 2000

UNANIMATED "Life Demise"
FROM: "Ancient God Of Evil"
STYLE: Melodic Death Metal
INFO: No Fashion, 1994

HATEPULSE "The Cynical Aftermath"
FROM: "In Extenso Letalis"
STYLE: Black Metal
INFO: Rage Of Achilles, 2003

CHARLIE CHRIST "Transient Mind State"
FROM: "Symphonies Of Blasphemy"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Hummingbird Recordings, 1994

SHADOW KEEP "Dark Tower""
FROM: "Corruption Within"
STYLE: Power Metal
INFO: Limb Music, 2000

LEFT HAND SOLUTION "The Wounds Of Bitterness"
FROM: "Fevered"
STYLE: Female Fronted Doom
INFO: Massproduktion/Nuclear Blast, 1997

WARGASM "Wasteland"
FROM: "Why Play Around?"
STYLE: Thrash Metal
INFO: Profile Records, 1988

ESQARIAL "On The Edge"
FROM: "Amorphous"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Pagan Records, 1997

DEMENTOR "The False Faith"
FROM: "The Art Of Blasphemy"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Qabalah Productions, 1999

EVOKEN "Tragedy Eternal"
FROM: "Embrace The Emptiness"
STYLE: Doom Metal
INFO: Elegy Records, 1998

BERSERK "Forgotten Kingdoms"
FROM: "From The Celtiberian Woods"
STYLE: Black Metal
INFO: Oaken Shield Records, 2001

POSSESSION "Beyond The Grave"
FROM: "Eternally Haunt"
STYLE: Thrash Metal
INFO: Metal Merchant, 1995

BAPHOMET "Through Deviant Eyes"
FROM: "The Dead Shall Inherit"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Peaceville Records, 1992

REIGN "Erosion"
FROM: "Embrace"
STYLE: Death Metal
INFO: Mausoleum Records, 1994

FROM: "Visions Of Power"
STYLE: Power Metal
INFO: Modern Music Records, 1996


E6V6I6L said:
i've never heard any of them. thanks.

Thats the idea, I prefer to focus on good unestablished acts rather than bands everyones heard before. Its the unknown stuff that needs the promotion, and with 7,200+ metal albums in my collection I hope to never run short of stuff to add :)