Welcome Fall of Empyrean fans!

Hello, I am from Sweden and have problems getting the Fall of Empyrean albums. Any idea how or where to buy them?
I really wish they'd change the name of this forum to "Fall of Empyrean Forum."

Anyway, good to see there are a few non-band member people here now. Welcome!

Our CD is available from a number of places that sell internationally. However, cheapest is directly from Oak Knoll, as Jeremy mentioned. Closest is probably Finnish label Firebox:


However, it's also available from:


Note: we are sold out of all releases but our latest album, "A Darkness Remembered." "Anhedonia" may see a re-release, with the self-titled demo as bonus tracks. Nothing's concrete yet, though.
Thanks! Now I know where to get A darkness remembered. How do I get Anhedonia or your demo? Is it impossible? If I understood the post by Fall_of_empyrean it is, but...well you never know.
It is impossible for the moment. If this re-release works out, then it will be readily available, but I have no date or even confirmation for that yet.

You can find the Russian version on eBay. CD-MAXIMUM of Russia released both our demos on one CD. They are only allowed to sell it in Russia and the Baltic States, but you can find copies on eBay.
Hehe, ok, I don't think i'll do that. Too bad. I'll hope the re-release gets out. I'll get A darkness remembered anyway! Thanks for the help!
Congratulations for your " A Darkness Remembered". This is your best release so far ( well,i enjoy all your previous works too, but i think this is really great).

Keep this way guys

Regards from Spain
WHOA!!! I've got your album as a birthday present from two of my friends!!! Now...I'm going to listen...I will probably give you some feedback soon :).
I was thinking of fall of empyrean today and thinking that I wish I had tons of cash and I could get Novembers doom, lilitu, usurper, and woods of ypres to come to arizona and have fall of empyrean and rapid fire were included. It was a most glorious concert in my head:Spin: o_O :headbang: :worship: